Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Do Clapping in Time and Eternity Have in Common?

"Don't put that on facebook either!"  she says.

"Darnit!" I thought as I laughed.

"ahh!  I could just see you sitting in your car before you leave, typing blank blank blank said...." 

Uproarious laughter from everyone in the room, because we ALL knew I was going to do it and she'd stopped me!

But, she didn't say I couldn't blog about it!  LOOPHOLE!

We could all use a little laughter in our lives now so I'm going to leave the name out but I'm going to share the story because, honestly, it's too good not to share!
There were a  group of amazing ladies, who I'm blessed to call friends, standing around chatting recently and we were talking about some heavy topics, cracking jokes, and having an all around good time.  The topic turned to baptism and what age or position in life is baptism appropriate.  What age is too young?  When you have a young child who wants to be baptized but you don't think they're ready, what do you do?  You don't want to discourage them from taking that leap but at the same time, it's scary to think of your baby making such a huge commitment at an early age.  We talked about the decision that a few kids had made and that some were discussing with their parents and I think we all reflected on how we would handle it when/if the time came.

One thing lead to another and I shared a story of a woman and her children who were sitting behind me at church on Sunday during worship time, this mom happened to be one of the people in the room.

I overheard the mom telling her children "try to clap with the beat" and they clapped, completely off beat. 

"Try to clap in time" she then told them and they continued to clap completely out of time of the song. 

It was the most hilarious thing I've heard and I needed a laugh so chuckled during the remainder of worship service.

This mom was in the room then made a comment about one of her children being baptized and said "if you can't clap to the beat or keep time during a song, you're in no position to make decisions about your eternity!"

So there you have it!  If your kids come to you with heavy spiritual questions, just ask them to clap a tune and your decision will be made!  ha!

Wouldn't it be nice if life decisions really were that easy?  God Bless!

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  1. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Too funny and reminds me of a conversation my friend Karen and I had too. She refuses to clap while in the choir. It's not her that can't keep time...it's everyone else around her. LOLOL!!! Good one! :)