Friday, January 7, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Inspired Post

I just watched the most recent Grey's Anatomy and let me tell you, I cried like a baby through most of it!  I understand the show is fictional and dramatic but there's a lot of truth to the things they show.  This episode was about a shooting on a college campus and it hurt my heart.  That's not fiction, that happened and still happens.  There hasn't been a mass shooting like Columbine or VA Tech recently but just a day or two ago there was a school shooting in Nebraska.  This happens way too often.  It makes me wonder, what is going on? lost must these children be to plot these tragedies and then to follow through with them.  These are tortured souls and although they turn into monsters, they are victims too.  Victims of what, I'm not sure but no one who is in good mental health does something so tragic.

I had a friend say once that these type of news stories make her wonder why any of us have children and my thought was exactly the opposite, the world is a wacky place and I think it's the responsibility of good, christian, moral, loving people to have children and combat the whack jobs.  I know that statement will upset some and I am anticipating comments like "you think only Christians should have children?"  "do Christians have a lock on good morals?"  blah, blah, blah.  And, to answer any of those questions, this is my blog!

When I watch these things though, it hurts my heart that my kids are growing up in this world.  I remember growing up in church and hearing the quote that we are to be "in the world, but not of the world" and I agree, but right now this is where we are.  It's not home, but it's where we live for now and my kids are growing up here and sometimes it scares me to death! 

It's days like today that I'm tempted to stick my head in the sand and not watch the news anymore...but then, how would I discuss politics!  ;)  God Bless!

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