Saturday, January 8, 2011

House Democrats Rapidly Unleash Sharp Attacks-NONSENSE!

Stories like this make me so mad, as an American!  These jerks work for US and they are playing these stupid "told ya so" & "gotcha" games.  What happend to the promise of bipartisanship that both sides made?  All of these comments make me angry!  I am a republican and I often say that I can't imagine why people would be democrats, and I mean that when I say it, but I still expect better than this from them!  I think all politicians lie, I like to think that it's unintentional most of the time, but this is a doozy!  It's time to fire them all and start over!

I have this theory that if Americans would work together we wouldn't need the government!  I wasn't there so many years ago, but back when people just took care of one another I'm convinced it had to be simpler.  Forget government funded programs and taxes and "love thy neighbor!"  When did America become so greedy and self centered that we forgot to take care of each other?  When did so many lazy people become so entitled?  When did enjoying a free ride become an acceptable means of income?  Has it always been like this and we're just more aware now because of media and mass communication or was there an entire generation of deadbeats bread somewhere along the line that are thriving and reproducing at unbelievable rates?

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