Friday, January 7, 2011

Carmel Has the BEST Drivers in the World!

Just ask any of them! 

I have never seen so many people who are so convinced that everyone on the roads is at fault but them.  I'm not one of the best drivers on the road but I'm not originally from Carmel so maybe that's where I fell short!  I'm sure after a couple more years I'll be in that elite class of drivers as well.

Every single time I go through the 116 st. round about I get honked at.  Seriously, 80% of the time someone blares their horn at me!  I honestly don't know if it's a user error or all of the self righteous drivers.  I've watched the Carmel "how to" round about videos and I feel like I "get it" but apparently there is a disconnect somewhere on that particular part of the road.

I don't feel so bad after my trip on 106th & Gray yesterday when I saw a person driving through the roundabout when another car nearly tboned her while trying to outrun her to get in the roundabouts.  The driver (at fault) who nearly hit the woman in the roundabout promptly slammed on her horn and then flipped her the bird!  Self righteous much?!?

The day before that I was was driving down 116th st when a garbage truck I was following turned their blinker on to back into a street.  Naturally I stopped and waited for them to go when I heard a horn being held down.  I turned around to see what in the world was happening and saw Grandma Perfect Driver waving her hands and yelling...AT ME!  I kind of shrugged my shoulders because, honestly, I had no idea why she was honking when she rolls her window down flips me off and starts yelling something at me.  She then proceeded down the turning lane until nearly hitting a car who was turning and I am only assuming she then repeated the same behavior she had shown me!

I have said, more than once, that half of these drivers wouldn't make it ten minutes in south Louisiana!  They only think they have road rage in Carmel.  In Louisiana, I've seen people get out of their trucks in the middle of the road and throw down!  These Hoosiers might calm down a little with some cajun driver's education!

Now, if you don't live in Carmel you have no idea where these streets are but Indiana is straight and flat and all of the roads are a grid so just know what we are all driving around in squares all the time, except for where they have added round abouts and we're all driving in circles!  If you aren't familiar with round abouts you really should watch that video.  I'd never seen the type of round abouts like they have in Carmel.  I'm talking multi lane, over pass roundabouts!  Just look at the picture below and you'll understand my confusion!

Since the roundabouts are fairly new I believe we're all still learning to use them.  In the meantime I think a lot of drivers could use a dash of humility and a heaping scoop of patience!


  1. HA HA HA HA!! They wouldn't even let me in Carmel with my driving history...and you know what? I am okay with that...why? Because this looks like something off of a standardized test, where I just selected C...and it was WRONG! I am literally an accident waiting to happen on Carmel's roundabouts!! :P

  2. indiana road rage? HA! try living in chicago. it took me 45 minutes to go 7 miles to work. that's in perfect weather & NOT rush hour.