Thursday, March 31, 2011

Liberal Agenda is EVERYWHERE!

I think we can all agree that the liberal left tends to control the media and entertainment industry.  It's no surprise when you hear every rapper in the business is going to support a democratic candidate. (Like anyone with a brain actually cares who JayZ is voting for!)  Obama's sensationalist behavior was bound to happen, with a president, sooner or later because the entertainment industry has deemed themselves the elite of the nation, and their opinions matter-just ask them!  Who can blame Obama for getting caught up in it all, like a giddy teenager at a NKOTB concert!

Entertainment and media believe they have full control of the nation and it's voters, they under estimate the American people and believe us to be too dumb to research for ourselves.  Their arrogance typically turns my stomach in an election or on any social issues.  I'm not saying that telethons or fundraisers are wrong, in that case, use your celebrity!  Just don't tell me how to think! I don't have to socialize medicine because some pop star needs to clean up their image.  I refuse to hate guns because a random actress decides "guns kill people."  I be darned if I'm giving up my religion because mainstream media believes that it makes me close minded.  I'm going to sit right here, in the Bible belt, and cling to my guns and religion till the bitter end!

It's no different with kids tv either!  Just watch your children's shows and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.  Years ago, my boss's husband, Richard made a comment about Care Bears and socialism.  I was just a young republican back then and couldn't see liberal conspiracy everywhere, (ha!) I sort of half agreed and laughed a little.  Then the subject was mentioned again a few years later, and I'll be darned!  He was right! 

Think about it!  Even IMDB acknowledges that Care Bears are "the best example ever of Christian socialism."  Sesame street is no different, teaching we're all the same...we're all no different, except-we are all INDIVIDUALS!  Just go to YouTube and watch "We All Sing the Same Song"  Yes, it's a happy cute song, but as an adult I see a deeper agenda. 

Another perfect example is Toot & Puddle, a gay pig couple who are raising a child together.  The show never comes out and overtly mentions their sexuality but watch the show for ten minutes and you'll agree!  I mean, they live in Woodcock Pocket, for crying out loud! 

Lastly, what about all of the shows about the environment!  UGH!  Yes, we need to take care of the planet and yes recycling is good.  Sheesh Wall-E, lighten up!  The human race is actually smarter than you give us credit for!  Who do you think invented you, you little bucket of rust!

I could go on about kids movies and tv shows, all day but I'm going to quit before I alienate every single friend I have!  I'm also going to link to this site that, not only made me laugh out loud at the absurdity, but also raised my awareness on a few movies I hadn't noticed!

Now, I'm not judging anyones social beliefs, but I can't deny that these shows are pushing their agendas on very young children.  Tolerance and acceptance are two totally different things and I believe 100% in tolerance, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! 

I don't hate gay people, poor people, or the environment.  But, I do believe it's my place to teach my children about those topics and NOT the entertainment industry's!  And, to be completely honest, I'm doing a pretty good job!  Hadley's last birthday party looked like a UN meeting, we truly had every race, religion, and culture in attendance.

I mean, seriously, just look at these terrorists!  Would you really want your children to be friends with this ragmuffin group?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Grass Isn't Always Greener!

I don't know what exactly made me so mad this morning, but oh wow, it did! 

I came home from dropping Lydia off at school and there was something hanging on my front door.  I was squinting from the road when I noticed the stake in the yard noting our lawn had been treated. 


Again, I'm not sure why this made me so mad, but it did!

I have to give a little history of our Scott's Lawn Care relationship.  Early spring last year, we got a call from Scott's telling us that we needed lawn treatment.  We agreed, our home had been vacant for nearly two years before we bought it so the grass had been neglected and was in terrible shape.  Scott's offered us a great deal so we jumped right on board with them.  The deal was solid and the salesman honestly admitted that year one we probably wouldn't be able to notice the difference but in year two we'd see a return on our investment.  Having somewhat of an agriculture background and having Keith be all scienc-y we understood that and agreed.

The treatments started, they came out on the scheduled time, the guy applying the product was super friendly, and it seemed to be going smoothly.  We were hooked! 

Then...the calls started coming in.  A Scott's salesman called and suggested we add something onto our treatment plan.  We declined.  The following week, a salesman called again with another suggestion, we declined.  A few days later we got another call with yet another suggestion.  I ignored the next call when it came in and didn't answer-so he called back, immediately!  Keith answered, and the guy was so high pressure that Keith ultimately had to hang up on him because he would NOT take no for an answer.  The calls kept coming, two to three times weekly, until I completely lost my cool and told the salesman (loudly) that I didn't want their service and I didn't want to deal with them.  I told him he was nothing more than a thug and I refused to be harassed by him any longer.  When the last treatment of the season is sprayed, it will be the last treatment for our family!  I hung up, he called back a few times but we ignored it and assumed our relationship had ended/

Which brings us back to today when I saw that Scott's had sprayed my lawn with a pre emergant.  I should also mention that we over seeded our lawn this weekend and I'm feeling pretty sure that the pre emergant probably sterilized the seed.

I called Keith and asked if he'd agreed to this treatment plan again this year.  I said "I'm about to make a fool of myself so before I do that I want to make sure that you didn't sign a contract or something."  He didn't so I had a green light!

I called Scott's and layed into the poor woman who answered the phone, and I have to admit, I feel really guilty about that.  As a former secretary, I know that you aren't always responsible for the on goings in the office; but I did it anyway.  She was amazing with me though!  Seriously, that secretary deserves an award for her patience!  She took my info and had the manager call me back. 

When the manager called me back we spoke and I explained (more calmly) my irritation with Scott's.  He profusely apologized and explained that that is not their policy to harass customers like that.  He was also a good salesman but at this point, I'm already done with their company.  He then tells me he'll have his guys drop off a 50lb bag of seed so I could reseed the lawn (again).

I replied "I already seeded the lawn, I don't want to do it again and I wouldn't have to if it weren't for your company so why don't you send out one of your employees to seed the lawn."

He stuttered and stammered around a bit and tried to come up with reasons he couldn't but ultimately he agreed to have his guys seed our lawn in May and to leave a bag of seed for us to sow again in the fall.  He also through a tag in there, one last time, for his service to come back this year.  I said "I'll have to turn that over to my husband to decide, he's much more level headed than I am so mad at you guys that if I never hear your name again I'll be happy.  You'll have better luck with him."  He thanked me for my time, apologized again and we hung up.

Right now, as I type, the phone is ringing and it's Indiana Newspapers calling, another salesman who I've rejected and since I used up all of my pissed off on Scott's I'm just going to let it ring!  If only they knew how lucky they are today!  Ha!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Trash Talk Pays off!

Okay, so only a couple of times have I really said something kind of, ummm...not nice about someone, on my blog, who I called by name.  Usually, if I'm going to be catty I try to, at least, be indirect and somewhat vague. 

When I got my ticket, I left the police officer's name out of it.  One, because I couldn't read his writing so I didn't actually know his name but two, I have a great respect for our police department so I try to pepper my negative comments with a little sarcasm so that no one takes it too seriously. 

When Keith got HIS ticket, I gave him and the officer heck on my blog!  Really, I may have referenced Barney Fife but in my eyes the officer was a rockstar!  So, I made a few snarky remarks about the officer and a few more about Keith and the why's and how's of his ticket.  I went into a little detail and even called the officer on BS it was all in the name of humor.  Well, imagine my surprise when I find out that my friend, Angela, actually knew the officer and forwarded him the link to my blog!  Eeek!

So, last night I was quoting Clifton B. from Another Black Conservative and ultimately devoted a blog to him and his wardrobe choices.  So, tonight I get a comment from, none other, than Clifton B!  First of all, I squealed and got giddy like a teenage girl!  Then it hit me, crap!  The first time one of my heroes actually reads and comments on my blog, it's defending his wardrobe!  I've had some pretty awesome posts, if I do say so myself, and the one he reads is when I criticize his shirt?  UGH!

Then it also hit me that I should be glad he didn't read my post about Japan!  Not only would he think I was racist, judgemental, and a clothes snob, he'd know I'm apparently stupid too!  My sense of direction is not a point of pride! ha!  Put me in a paper bag and spin me around a couple of times and I won't know where I'm at, but I'm pretty sure I can get there in a kayak!

With that said, I'm going to start trash talking all of my blogging heroes and see who else I can get to swing by! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Black Conservative

My new obsession is a blog called "Another Black Conservative"  I've mentioned his blog multiple times in my own blog and I adore him!  He is so common sense and he seems to be really in touch with the real world.  This, along with Jen Lancaster of Jennsylvania, are two blogger who I don't know but I'm convinced we'd (all three) be bff's!  Seriously, we might be a strange group together but I KNOW we'd be the dynamic trio!

With that said, I can't wait to read both of their blogs regularly and I've also read their "about me" sections and commented how much I would adore them in real life.

Today, reading the about me section of another black conservative, to Keith, I made a comment about the orange shirt he was wearing in the picture.  I commented that he should wear a pink shirt because black people look good in pink and orange wasn't his color.

That comment got me to thinking about moving day a year and a half ago.  We had three men moving us and I don't remember the conversation exactly but I made a comment about how terrible I look in pastel pink, because I'm so pale.  Then I told our mover, who was black, that I bet he'd look good in pink.  Truly, my opinion, darker skin looks awesome in lighter pink colors.  He looked at me like I had just said the most vile thing to him...he then said "because I'm BLACK?!?"  Okay, so I thought he was joking and said "you knew, right?"  Well, he wasn't joking...he was offended.  I took a bad situation and made it worse!  He sulked off to the moving truck and I didn't see him again for the rest of the day!  Thank goodness, I didn't offend him until we were almost done!  ha!

Yes, I have a lot of faults, NO, racism isn't one of them.  Yes, I see skin color, I'm not blind, but I don't judge skin color.  I also see hair color, eye color, weight, height, clothing, accessories, ect, ect.  I respect different races and different cultures and I like to learn about everyone.  I do (not proudly) judge people sometimes...I may judge by a lot of different things but seriously, race isn't on my list of things I choose to judge by.

Politics, that's what I judge on!  Ha!

Pavlov's Sunday School Class

Keith and I have been teaching two year old Sunday Bible class for three quarters now.  We are having a lot of fun, we've grown very attached to our kiddos and we LOVE doing it!  Today we were studying Mark 2:1-12 where the four friends lower a paralyzed man through the roof to see Jesus. 

We did all kinds of fun things, we built a building out of blocks and lowered little people through the roofs, we dragged the kids around the room on a blanket, we watched a video about the story, we carried a baby doll in a blanket, we colored pictures, and we gave them cookies (a class fave!). 

We really do have an adorable class!
We spread the blankets out on the floor for the kids to sit on and cover with to watch the movie.  They were so precious!

We are trying to teach the kids that Jesus loves them and Jesus helps them.  Every few minutes through the class we say "who loves you?"  and they are supposed to reply "Jesus loves me!"  We have one little girl that we can always count on for our questions.  Gracie is our "go to girl" when we have a question and none of the kids answer.  We can say "Gracie, can you tell us who loves you?"  Every time she answers! 

Today the kids were eating their vanilla wafers and listening to one of their Jesus loves me songs on the cd player when Gracie, who has a soft spot for vanilla wafers, says "Can I have another cookie?"

I said "what do you say, Gracie?"

With sweet little angelic eyes she says "Please."  Then, she pauses for a minute, like she's considering something, and she says "JESUS!"

So, of course she got a handful of cookies!  Who could say no to that!
Just LOOK at this face!
See!  Now you know how she got all those cookies!  (Look in her hands! ha!)

Keith cracks up at this and says "You're kind of like Pavlov with these kids!  You give them treats when they do what you want them to!" works!  Just ask Gracie!  Then I said "did you just compare our Sunday School class to dogs?"  He goes "yeah, they're like scooby snacks for kids!"  UGH!  Silly Boy!

After class we had our sermon and I can't help but mention how God's love touches me.  I KNOW God loves me, and I know Jesus loves me, but the reality of it leaves me awestruck sometimes.  Can you imagine having this undeserved, unconditional love?  Just let it sink in for a minute....He sent his son to DIE for us!  I can't think of anyone I'd let my children die for, I'd gladly give it all up for them, but it's a one way street.

A couple of years ago a man gave communion comments at our church that changed my relationship with God.  The man has since left our church and I never got to tell him the impact his comments had on my life, but I will share them with you.  (I'm paraphrasing, from memory, of course) 

He said "Have you ever loved someone who didn't love you back?  Have you ever had a friend or someone you love betray you?  Or turn their back on you?  Or break your heart?  Do you remember how much your heart hurt?  Think about how our actions effect God." 

I remember how that made my heart feel when he said it.  I thought back to loving a boy who didn't love me, and I thought back to a girl friend who betrayed me, and I remembered other relationships that have been damaged and even destroyed by the hurt they caused and it hit many times have I done that same thing to God?  I try to think about that a lot.  It really has changed how I see God and how I do things.  It's changed my prayers, it's softened my heart, and made me realize that God is constantly sacrificing for me.  He gave his son to die, and he has been sacrificing on my behalf ever since.  Thank God for His love!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Should I Get Out Of Here?

I haven't blogged in awhile, I haven't been inspired, I've been a little depressed, and honestly...just too lazy!  However, last nights events were just too good not to talk about!

Shawn and I were watching the Bachelor finale and we were both a little slap happy after three hours of mindless, reality TV.

I started out by telling an awesome story about one of my very best friends sending me a card.  Nicole occasionally sends me cute and funny cards just because she's an awesome friend!  (That may stop when she reads this! ha!)  A while back she sent me a picture of an envelope that had a perfect return address, a stamp, and my name, LISA RICHARDSON, written across the front.  That's ALL!  No street, no city, not even a zip code!  Then there was a stamp that said "Insufficient Address"  I laughed till I snorted and told her, "its because they didn't have a stamp that said stupid!"  No matter how much of a legend I may be in my own mind, the US postal service refuses to acknowledge it!  (Sorry Nicole!  I STILL LOVE YOU!!!)  Shawn and I only laughed a little at you Nicole! 

So as we continued talking, I was reading Perez Hilton and he had an article about Anderson Cooper being in Japan and at one point, Anderson Cooper says "should we get out of here?"  The media irritates the humor out of me by placing themselves in dangerous positions, then needing assistance or wanting sympathy when it gets too sticky! 

Then Shawn tells me that her husband, being the good republican he is, says "these damn liberals, they'll take any situation to turn our power sources into the devil."  He hadn't been watching the "whole" news, he just caught the part where they were saying what a danger nuclear (nu-cu-lar, right?  ha!) power plants are.  I made the comment that we republicans should just back away slowly and keep our mouths shut right now and hope no one notices!

One thing leads to another and Shawn says,
"I'm wondering if this power plant blows, if we're safe over here, I'm like Anderson Cooper-'should we get outta here?'" 

Okay, I'm torn between admitting what I said next or using a little bit of creativity here and making myself sound intelligent...I'm going to sacrifice my pride for humor's sake!

"I said, well I'm probably okay because I'm farther north but you may be screwed." 

Shawn then replies, with a certain tone in her voice, "I don't think it makes me closer to Japan, dumbass."

hysterical laughter til I snort!

Bad went to worse, "Yeah, I think Japan is south."

Okay, was LATE at night!  I've never said that geography was my strength, and my brain was mush from three hours of reality TV!  I'm really NOT stupid!

"I'm getting my laptop out, I don't know why we're arguing over Japan when neither of us has any idea where it's at."  Finally!  A voice of reason!

So, I google map driving directions to Japan.  And, yes, I KNEW I COULDN'T ACTUALLY DRIVE TO JAPAN!  But, I wanted to see what it'd say, and thank goodness I did!

It was all normal, run of the mill directions starting out.  I did find it funny that google maps thought they should mention that this route had tolls.  (Tolls, NOT TROLLS, as I thought when first saw it!)  Turn left, turn right, drive...etc. nothing spectacular.  Then, I see it...


Seriously?  Kayak?  It's google and the best they could come up with was KAYAK? 

I googled "ways to cross pacific ocean" and immediately; planes, trains, and automobiles pop up.  Not one word about a kayak!

So once I Kayak 2756 miles to Hawaii, I guess I rest up and then finish out the 3879 more miles-in my kayak!  It's a 35 day trip, after all!

Shortly after this we decided to admit defeat and go to bed, around 12:15 am.

Then, around 2:00 am, Lydia woke me up wanting to sleep with me.  No will power at 2am, sure, climb in! 

Then around 3am, the security system alarm goes off, LOUD!  Of course it wakes Lydia and me up, but Keith and Hadley sleep through it all!  I get up and call the security company and it was a glitch in our phones-thank you AT&T for that 3am wake up call.  We got all of that sorted out and back to bed around 3:30.

The alarm goes off at 7am!  Good Morning Life!  And, I'm loving daylight savings time...nothing better than waking up in the DARK after nearly no sleep!  Thank you federal government for, yet another, awesome idea!  (see, I caught stupid from the government!)

Now we're getting ready to head out to preschool and today is going to be awesome!  I can feel it in my bones!