Monday, March 21, 2011

Trash Talk Pays off!

Okay, so only a couple of times have I really said something kind of, ummm...not nice about someone, on my blog, who I called by name.  Usually, if I'm going to be catty I try to, at least, be indirect and somewhat vague. 

When I got my ticket, I left the police officer's name out of it.  One, because I couldn't read his writing so I didn't actually know his name but two, I have a great respect for our police department so I try to pepper my negative comments with a little sarcasm so that no one takes it too seriously. 

When Keith got HIS ticket, I gave him and the officer heck on my blog!  Really, I may have referenced Barney Fife but in my eyes the officer was a rockstar!  So, I made a few snarky remarks about the officer and a few more about Keith and the why's and how's of his ticket.  I went into a little detail and even called the officer on BS it was all in the name of humor.  Well, imagine my surprise when I find out that my friend, Angela, actually knew the officer and forwarded him the link to my blog!  Eeek!

So, last night I was quoting Clifton B. from Another Black Conservative and ultimately devoted a blog to him and his wardrobe choices.  So, tonight I get a comment from, none other, than Clifton B!  First of all, I squealed and got giddy like a teenage girl!  Then it hit me, crap!  The first time one of my heroes actually reads and comments on my blog, it's defending his wardrobe!  I've had some pretty awesome posts, if I do say so myself, and the one he reads is when I criticize his shirt?  UGH!

Then it also hit me that I should be glad he didn't read my post about Japan!  Not only would he think I was racist, judgemental, and a clothes snob, he'd know I'm apparently stupid too!  My sense of direction is not a point of pride! ha!  Put me in a paper bag and spin me around a couple of times and I won't know where I'm at, but I'm pretty sure I can get there in a kayak!

With that said, I'm going to start trash talking all of my blogging heroes and see who else I can get to swing by! 


  1. ROLLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it girl! I am hoping that I get a shout out from Lysa luck yet. Perhaps if I did a little trash talking I'd get more attention. But, since I am running a Jesus blog, I think I will just leave the smack talking to my friend Lisa and ride on your coat tails with the famous.

    GREAT post!! :) Love you!

  2. If and when you trash talk me on a blog I repost it on my page so that everyone can see. I think you should do it more about me that is! ;0p