Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Carmel PD Strikes Again!

I was so excited to share this that I had to turn American Idol off so I could blog about it! 

Keith left around 8:15 to get a hair cut and I told him to get some diet cokes too, I can't get my stroke fast enough!  ha!  Anyway, during this time both kids got out of bed with a myriad of complaints as to why they shouldn't be in their beds.  I finally got 50% of our children in bed (Hadley) and the phone rang.

"well, I had something interesting happen just now," Keith hem haw's around.

I'm getting mildly nervous, but also irritated by his slow pace (nothing new, he is just like Hadley, two speeds-slow and stop!)

"I just got pulled over and got a ticket..."

Internally, I'm screaming "SU WEET!" after he gave me heck for my ticket.
Externally, I'm much more supportive "what happened honey?"
Internally, I'm chanting "speeding ticket!  speeding ticket!"

"well, you know how I got that letter that my registration is expired? I've been trying to email and they said I have to go in...well, turns out my car isn't registered.  Apparently when I bought it they just put my old tag on and it was never registered.  The police man said there's no record of my car at all."

First of all, it took him ten minutes to say what I would have said in three minutes.  Secondly, I was a little bummed that it wasn't a speeding ticket but was livid that it was registration related. 

"What the...why wasn't it registered?  What does the "L" stand for in TTL if they don't actually LICENSE it?"

"I don't know but he said there's no record and for all he knows the car could be stolen..."

Well, I'm calling BS!  If the cop thought it was stolen do you seriously think he'd left it sitting on the side of the road?  I don't know what capabilities these guys really have but, clearly, he knew it wasn't stolen.  Moot point, I know.

Long story short; the officer told him he couldn't even drive it home (less than 3 miles) and had to either leave it in the parking lot or tow it home!  He's going to go to the BMV (yes, Indiana calls it the BMV, not DMV like every where else I've ever lived.) in the morning and straighten this all out.  I'll be calling the dealer and not so politely blaming them for this fiasco!  (just for the record, I'm not asking anyone for their opinions-if you don't think it's the dealers fault, I don't care!  Keep it to yourself! ha!)

Our great friend Jason went to pick Keith up and he's safe and sound on the other end of the couch right now.  When he got home I cautiously asked him how his mood was, he said it was fine and then presented me with a gift!

Oh! Yes! He! Did!  It's a pic of the officer who pulled him over!  Now, he's not as blatant as I was and it's just a reflection but, YAY!  What a wonderful hubby!

The funniest part of all came later...Keith said when the officer came to the officer came to the window he was very authoritative and cautious.
He said, "sir, put your hands on the steering wheel where I can see them." 
So Keith did, then came "do you have any deadly weapons in your car?" 
I can just see Keith raising an eyebrow when he answers, "umm, no..."

Keep in mind that Keith A.) is as harmless as can be!  (this is the same guy I made the blooper real of, last week! So, we know he can barley walk!  What would he do with a deadly weapon?!?) and B.) He drives a PRIUS!  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

In jest, I say Carmel PD strikes again but I want to make it clear that Keith and I both take responsibility for our interactions (sort of, on Keith's part anyway but it wasn't the police officer's fault) we are thankful for the great work the Carmel PD does!  Seriously, I love that we live in a safe place here; the police don't overlook the little things until they escalate. In the wise words of Barney Fife, "Nip it, nip it in the bud."  Way to go Carmel, but seriously, you're safe from the Richardson's! 

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  1. I completely agree, this was SO worth turning off AI for. :) HYSTERICAL!! And I will say to Keith what my grandma used to say..."Well that will learn ya". Guess he won't be so quick to judge you next time.

    There is a conspiracy theory know that...they KNEW Keith was a Republican and that car is clearly a Democrat. It had to be the Dem's at the car dealership that did this too him. I'm just might want to think about it. ;)