Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maybe I'm Not a Republican, After All...

I'm having a political identity crisis! 

I'm NOT a democrat!  I want to make it super clear that I'm NOT a democrat so I'm going to say it one more time, I'm NOT a democrat!

Now, that we've cleared that up!

I'm continually disgusted with party alignment.  I have no true allegiance to a political party, I just want to hold onto to the great things our amazing country was founded on.  The government is nearing a screeching halt because our two political parties refuse to agree on anything.  They are so loyal to their "party" names that they can't see beyond them to what might actually be the best answer.  I agree that we need some serious budget cuts, in my house when we have bills that need to be paid, we make cuts.

The cuts are nevertheless wide-ranging. According to the proposal, Republicans want to cut the following: 
-- $169 million from nuclear energy 
-- $593 million from the Internal Revenue Service 
-- $74 million from the FBI 
-- $379 million from NASA 
-- $544 million from international food aid grants 
-- $6 million each from the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities 
-- $2 billion from job-training programs 
-- $1 billion from the National Institutes of Health 
-- $224 million from Amtrak 

I don't know about you, but I'm all for cutting IRS funding!  woo hoo! 

But seriously, budget cuts hurt but we can't keep digging ourselves into poverty.  It has to stop somewhere.  Honestly, I don't know if these particular cuts are the answer, I'll leave that to someone who's smarter than me to determine but somethings got to give, somewhere.  Republican's need to quit pushing for the sake of pushing and democrats need to quit fighting it for the sake of disagreeing.  It's ridiculous!  Perfect example!  I don't know who's right or who's wrong.  I'm leaning towards blaming everyone!

One thing is sure, I'm not a democrat but maybe I'm not a republican either...Can we start the Ronald Reagan Party?  I could get on board with that!


  1. For the record...yes honey, you are a Republican. :)

    But, I am completely with you. Don't know where the tax cuts need to come in...perhaps the number of new cars purchased by the state department...NASA I am all for cutting...don't get me started on that. For weather purposes I am all for NASA, but outside of that, cut the whole darn thing. I don't care what the moon looks like...I can't get a flight to there...I'm out.

    I'm a Christian who votes in best alignment with scripture...most of the time that's the Republican ticket...however if there is a democrat who displays love for Jesus, I'm voting with him/her. ;)

    Good conversation here though!!!! I love it! You know that. :)

  2. Really the republican party is more in line with christian values then the democrats eh? I guess if you overlook the whole not judging and helping your fellow man over the interests of big business and yourself I'd agree. Not to mention how you treat what is supposedly one of Gods greatest creations, mother earth. I've never really bought that argument despite it being such a widespread belief. I think it stems not from actual Christian values but just from religious beliefs. I think there is a big difference between those who claim to be a Christian and those who really live up to the values taught by Christianity.