Saturday, February 26, 2011

Protesting Starts At Home

It's been all over the news lately that union workers are protesting at the state house against the right to work legislation and it seems republicans are very in favor of it.  I don't know enough about the right to work or collective bargaining to have much of an opinion, what I do know is that my aunt who is in favor of all things liberal seems to be pro union, pro collective bargaining, and anti right to work.  That alone is almost enough reason for me to say "go, right to work!"  I'm pretty sure, politically, if she's for it I'm against it.

Funny enough, this is the person I turn to for all of my big decisions in life.  I call her when I'm having a crisis of faith, I call her when I'm having a break down, I've called her after midnight (more than once) to ask "emergency" medical questions, and I call her to share most all of my happy and sad news.  She's an amazing prayer warrior, she's the best therapist ever (worth every penny!) she's one of the most hospitable people I've ever known, a delicious cook, a great friend, and a true blessing in my life.  Unfortunately, she's a democrat!  ugh!  (eye's rolling now!)  I guess no one's perfect.

But, I digress...yesterday on the news the tea party showed up to anti protest (I guess) the unions at the state house and one man (a tea partier) made an "L" on his forehead (way to stay classy TP!) and the other man (union worker) lunged after him (go get em tiger!)  The police broke it up quickly but I don't understand how two sides who (probably) both think they want what's best and are both convinced they are right can be so far apart.  It's really kind of frightening.

This, however is infuriating!  I may not have the answers but I know you don't take you ball and go home just because you're losing the game.  The fact is, republicans took control of the house by being voted in!  The majority on Indiana wants republicans in charge, so they are!  The republicans are pushing for this right to work bill, among other things, and the dems didn't like it so they left!  Are you freaking kidding me?!?  Man up, cast your vote, admit you've lost, tuck your tail, and SUCK IT UP! 

I will say, for any democrat lurkers (Dane!) that the democrats don't own this one, republicans have done it too.  Admittedly, if I were a democrat I might feel differently right now, but this all seems like children's games to me.  Like, maybe we have a bunch of cry babies in office? (yes!  spoiled children on BOTH sides!)  This is another time when I admit, I don't have the answers but I know staying holed up in Illinois isn't one of them!
So, with all that said, I know I don't have the answers but this has still infuriated me!  I've had days where I didn't agree with my coworkers, but if I'd left I would have lost my job.  Not to mention, I disagree with Hadley & Lydia (even Keith) all the time but if I walked out and left the state I'd get in BIG trouble!  ha!

This blogger is amazing!  I'm loving this blog!  I can't wait til I have time to sit down and dig in!  He/she seems to have great opinions on all things politcal!

I've been ranting and raving about these issues for awhile, and when Hadley asked about it I explained it to her and Lydia by saying, these are supposed to be two parts of one team who work together but instead it's turned into two teams who act like big crybabies just to prove their point.
Tonight at bedtime Lydia said "I'm not going to bed tonight, I'm going to stand right here on the stairs and protest!"

I think they got it!
Lesson learned from today, protesting starts at home!

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  1. Recently during a news cast I heard a protesting Wisconsin teacher remark that they feel like they might as well be protesting in Egypt. Yep that's right...Egypt. Hmmm, lady, Im not sure where you have been for the last couple of hundred years but you live in a democratic society lady. Stop whining that you ONLY make $98,000/ year as a high school teacher. You have almost 3 months off each year...counting all break opportunities. Not to mention that you aren't paying social security taxes.

    So, I have decided I am going to protest because I make too much money and I don't like the color orange. Why, because I can and thanks to the liberal media they like idiots who don't have anything better to do than complain that they make a decent living but the Jones' have gotten ahead of them again.

    Mind you...this comes from an employee (me) who hasn't rec'd a raise in almost 4 years! Yet, I say I have a wonderful employer who has had NO lay offs and I have a great job. Now that's democracy...a hiring freeze to protect those of us who are here...without cuts or spending. :)

    LOVE YOU and your rants!!!!! Thank you!