Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Day of My Daughters!

Today has been your average, run of the mill, day in our house and I love it!  I know every one's kids say super cute things and from what I can tell, most kids are pretty similar.  They seem to all like infomercials, they seem to all want to be grown ups (way too soon!) they all seem to like to get into mommy and daddy's things, and they seem to all be the smartest, funniest, and cutest in the world! (just ask their parents!) But, since this is my blog I can spotlight mine!  ha!

Lydia has strep throat and is down and out a big part of the time.  On her up times she runs till she gets herself choked and nearly throws up.  I'm hyper paranoid and have been keeping vigil by her at all times!  To try to combat the run wild times I got the play dough out (always a crowd pleaser!) and we played play dough.  I am not a parent who minds mixing colors and, in fact, I encourage them to play as freely as they like with play dough.  We rolled out three different colors in circles (think small soft taco shells) then stacked them together and rolled them jelly roll style.  I then showed Lydia how to take a plastic knife and slice them into pinwheels.  She thought that was the coolest thing EVER!  (rockstar mommy moment!)  After that she decides to arrange her pinwheels in a plate and "serve" them to me, I obliged and pretended they were the best thing ever.  "mmmm...Lydia these are SO YUMMY!"  and I said many more similar things, when she looks me square in the eye and says, "mommy, they are just pretend, you can't really eat them.  give them to me!"  hahahaha!  Yep, my three year old was worried that I was going to eat all of her play dough!

Yesterday on the way home from the doctor's office Lydia was convinced that a White Castle hamburger would make everything better so I drove thru the drive thru and picked up her burgers.  We made it to the pharmacy when I looked back and she was asleep with her white castle in her hand and her head slumped over.  I'd like to say I thought it was sweet and let her sleep, instead I panicked and began screaming at her to wake up until I scared her to death (and made her really mad!)  She then tells me that she's really tired and is going back to sleep!  (again with her hamburger safely in her hand!)

Hadley came home from school, ravenous, as usual. 
She says "mom, can I have a snack?" 
I reply "sure, there's..."
"mom!  I asked if I can have a snack?!?  I'm starving!" she interrupts,
"I was trying to tell you that there's..."
"MOM!" she interrupts again!
(I'm fighting the urge to yell, not out of anger but pure necessity!  Instead, I just talk faster.
"There's a lunchable in the fridge!"  I say in one breath.
"What's in the pantry?  A lunchable?  Why's it in the pantry?"
Seriously, I need to get this kid checked for hearing loss!
Then she says, "well, why did you say it was in the pantry?'
At that moment I had one of those Ally McBeal hallucinations...I won't describe it, but any mother reading this knows what it was!

A little later she asks if she can go upstairs and watch a movie.  She has fallen in love with Seven Brides For Seven Brothers which is one of my all time favorite movies!  (yay!)  So, naturally I say yes!  She gets about half way up the stairs and I stop her to tell her that her dad is working from home today "in case you hear him you don't have to go see where he is, he's working." I tell her. 
"oh, thanks for telling me, I would have just assumed I was illucination," she replies
"you were what?" I ask
"illucination, I have illucinations a lot"
"you hallucinate?"
"yea, that's what I said, I have allinations all the time!"
I stifle my laughter and ask "what in the world are you talking about?"
"oh, you know, I hear stuff that's not real..."
"no kidding, you don't hear half the stuff I say right at you but you hear stuff that's not real..."

Then she nonchalantly walks upstairs to watch her movie...like she didn't just confess to being a crazy person!

Because I'm obsessed with my daughters today, I'm going to share some of my favorite pictures of them so you can see too!

These first two, amazing, pictures are courtesy of Margie Huff Photography, she's amazing!

Hug your babies!  They are a true gift from God!

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