Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walking in A Winter Wonderland...or Not...

We have been hit by snow in epic proportions this winter!  It has been so long since I've seen the ground without snow on it, I've forgotten what it looks like.  Our latest round of winter weather had me scratching my head and wanting to pull my hair out.  We got hit with four inches of ice!  FOUR INCHES OF ICE!  First of all, I didn't even know that was possible in Indiana.  Secondly, I wish it wasn't!  We had school closings, road closings, they closed interstates, they even closed the mall!  If that wasn't enough, today we got gobsmacked with six inches of snow.  I LOVE snow!  I think it's beautiful!  However, when I saw this particular snow I seemed to forget that there was a nice sheet of ice beneath it; so as pretty as it was-it was SLICK!

For someone with an inappropriate sense of humor there is nothing funnier than what happens when you mix a heavy layer of ice and a neighborhood full of people who are trying to combat it!  I spent the better part of the day laughing at various people for various things. 

The first one, we can all agree is HILARIOUS!   Fortunately, I just happened to be holding a video camera...ENJOY!

Now, being snowed in for so long can take it's toll on you and I think we are all going a little stir crazy after being couped up for the week.  We've all tried to get the ice removed, but there's just so much of it!  I was reading one of the local news station's facebook page and there were various suggestions on how to remove the ice.  One man suggested throwing gas down and setting it on fire-umm, no...when the fire department shows up and hoses it down there will just be more ice!  Then I ran across a little jewel of info for Keith, use a chainsaw!  There was even a video where a guy was doing it!  Keith took this suggestion and ran with it! 

Here's what it looks like when winter makes you crazy!

What he did with the ice chunks was pretty cool too!  He scored the ice then pried it up with a shovel.  After that he carried it into the yard and built Hadley a fort.  The next one is a video of him carrying the ice to the fort construction site.  Be sure to watch til the end, it's TOTALLY worth it!  Oh, and me laughing like a hyena...well, that's just a little bonus for ya!

Just wait!  I'm working on a "remix" with my Christmas present (adobe premier video editing software!) , that Keith will soon be kicking himself for buying!  I have big plans!