Friday, February 4, 2011

Reagan & Obama...WHAT?

Tonight, on date night, Keith and I were at Barnes and Noble.  We perused the entire store, seriously, children's books to geriatric lifestyle!  I thought we'd seen it all and we were leaving when I spotted it...

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw...

Anyone who's still conscious, read on!  If you need a minute to collect yourselves, I understand!

This blasphemous photograph was lining the checkout lane at B&N!  Now, I know Time isn't exactly known for their fair media approach but this goes WAY beyond their usual stunts!  They have stooped too low!

I looked at Keith and in a shrill voice, while still trying to keep it leveled, so as not to attract the attention of liberals who frequent bookstores.  (I don't know, don't judge me, it's just this opinion I have!  Bookstores=Liberals, Libraries=Conservatives)  Anyway, I said "Oh no, I just threw up in my mouth a you see this crap?!?  What the heck is THAT?  Who does HE think he is tarnishing Reagan's good name for a publicity stunt!  Reagan is ROLLING in his grave!  If Obama thinks he's going to woo republicans by shaking hands with Ronnie (we know he's dead!), he's crazier than we thought!  All he's doing now is PISSING US OFF!  Get me out of here before I insight a riot!"

All the way to the car, Keith was still chattering about why I should get something other than a nook or a kindle, I don't know, I wasn't listening.  I just continued to voice my outrage!  Then, like it matters, Keith says "you didn't even read the article"  Like I give a flying you know what about the article!  However, I had an idea what it was based on and I gave Keith the quick synopsis..."it's probably because Obama carried a Reagan biography around over Christmas in an effort to woo the republicans, unfortunately for him we aren't as easily persuaded as his followers!

Then, Keith apparently lost his mind!  As we sat at the stop light, he has the audacity to say "well, by the time he's rounding out his second term..." seriously, I blacked out for a minute, but when I came back around he was babbling on in words I didn't understand, about Obama being young enough for two terms or even for two separate presidencies at which point I said "you hear this Elizabeth?  It's the big one!  I'm coming home!"  While Keith laughed hysterically!  I just don't know this man anymore, he is NOT the stick in the mud I married! 

I looked this stranger in the eyes and said "there will be a blog about this and I'm going to expose you for the liberal traitor you are!"  Case in point, don't Obama with me! 

PS  I want to share THIS superfly article about all the WRONGS of this magazine cover!


  1. OK, so it is early for my brain, but what a way to wake me up this morning. (thanks for that) I think I can explain though....

    and I quote...

    Obama and Reagan share a number of gifts but virtually no priorities. And yet Obama was clearly impressed by the way Reagan had transformed Americans' attitude about government.

    Read more:,8599,2044579,00.html#ixzz1D60pajdi

    He is trying to find past presidents that managed to change peoples minds to make them agree with him. That way he can some how learn how to do it. The problem he is doesn't get that the priorities are what made sense to people.

    My most favorite quote:
    Man is not free unless government is limited.
    - Ronald Reagan

    Enough said, now I have to go wash my eyes with gasoline.

  2. Sorry I forgot something:

    REALLY KEITH!!!!!!

  3. Lisa ... who is this man you are married to? I am going to have to bleach my eyes out after that cover ... Keith ... I can't even go there w/you ... Please please do not let this man stay in office any longer than he has to

  4. I feel like I need to defend Keith and make sure that everyone takes this posting for what it's meant-humor. Keith was trying to get me riled up because he thinks it's funny (you know how husbands can be! Ha!) He has neither given up hope in our democracy nor changed his voter registration! (although, if he keeps this up, we may just kick him off of our team!)

  5. Keith, your welcome to come to our side the true "right" side. Where we have compassion, iPhones and iPads, Prius's and Bugs, and "medical" MJ. We frequent bookstores for the attached coffe stores. We use the Internet to get real up to date information to make opinions on as opposed to libraries with books written decades ago. That would explain why the conservatives are so out of touch.