Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Waste of Makeup!

That's what today was!

I wasn't feeling good when I woke up but I pressed on thinking that if I could get into the day I'd feel better.  I took Lydia to preschool, returned some things to the store, got gas, picked up some things at Whole Foods, then perused JoAnns for a few minutes because I was early to pick Lydia up.  As I was walking out of JoAnns I realized that I had forgotten to pick up pictures that Hadley needed for a school project.  I loaded Lydia into the car and we scooted to WalMart (which I hate but that's a blog for another day!) I got what we needed and decided to hurry to the other side of town to see if I could pick Belle up before Hadley got home from school. 

That's when the highlight of my day occurred...I got my first speeding ticket!  Some of you may laugh, if you knew how reckless I was in my younger years, but I NEVER got a ticket!  I had to have kids, drive a minivan, and drink starbucks before I got a ticket!  UGH!  I was going 17 over...I think a warning would have sufficed considering it was my first ever ticket, the officer didn't see it that way.  He did, however, knock it down to 15 over so I'd save a few dollars.  (I just looked at the back of the ticket and by marking it down, he saved me $5 WHOLE DOLLARS!  Shawn says he must have a heart of gold! Ha!)  I, honestly, didn't realize the speed limit was 30.  I should have, but I didn't.  I really thought it was 45 or at the very least, 40...it's not!

I have a sinus infection, I haven't been sleeping well, I'm tired, I'm grouchy, and I'm hungry!  NONE of that worked on the very young version of Ponch who pulled me over. 

To add insult to injury, I called Keith to tell him.  I only called because I seriously considered NOT telling him and I felt guilty because something inside said "you shouldn't hide things from your husband" so I reacted by calling and confessing!  His reaction was initially pretty relaxed...

THEN, I said "I really thought the speed limit was 45."

"Is it posted 30 or 45?" he says, kinda snarky.

"I don't know, seriously" I reply

"Well, you were speeding, whether it was malicious or accidental, you were speeding" he says, in that tone!

"DUDE, I admitted I was speeding!  I wasn't TRYING to get a ticket today, it just happened...what's your problem?"  I was mad!

"Well, I'm driving downtown, and there's traffic, and..." he starts.

"I'm going to hang up now, bye"

"BYE" he replies curtly.

I stomped around the house, mad for about 10-15 minutes and then the phone rang again, I almost didn't pick up, but I did and it was Keith.  He apologized and we are fine now.

The best part of the ticket was that Lydia kept saying "mommy, why are we stopped in the road?  Mommy, what's that man doing at our window?  Why are you talking to that man?"  Over and over and over!  Then I texted Shawn during the pull over and she thought it was hilarious that I was texting her WHILE being pulled over!  If she only knew what else I was doing...

Yep, I took a pic!  Why not?  He's going to charge me $145, I might as well have a picture to remember it by, or at the very least-blog about!

So now I'm getting ready to go pick up the dog at the groomer and I'm hopeful for a quick (NOT speeding!) trip, then a good meal of potato soup and corn bread and hopefully an early bedtime for all!  Overall, though, I stand by my original statement; today was a waste of makeup!


  1. I am laughing SO hard I am in tears. This was...genius and priceless!!!! Not a waste of typing, that's for sure!!! ;) :) :P

    Is it wrong that I am glad this happened? This made for a rocking blog!!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are not the first person who has laughed hysterically at this story! That's what instigated the blog! Ha! If we can't laugh at each other's misery, what good is it?!! lol