Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Getting Ready to Happen Again!

So, I just commented on a democrats facebook page after he blamed GW for dismantling the US.  All hail to Obama the savior of the American economy!  I can't wait to see how this ends...wonder if he'll delete my post or just call me stupid and pout?!?

And, just because I'm certain he'll end up deleting this entire conversation-I copied it and am pasting it below!  I did change his name for privacy's sake.  See, I'm really not a jerk!  ;)

Democrat Speaking...
I dont agree with all of Obama's agendas either. However our country was dismantled by the previous 8 yrs of the worst presidency in the history of the United States. George W. Bush's republican administration literally and completely broke... our country. No man on Earth can repair these damages in 2 yrs.. It will take 16 to 20 yrs to see a real recovery from this destruction. Obama is in too big of a hurry I think.. he just needs to slow down and realize that now is the time to be laying down the foundation for the solid growth and recovery of our economy.

Me (or the voice of reason, as I like to be called!)
I get so frustrated when people want to blame George Bush for single handedly dismantling the country. Quite frankly you're overestimating the power of one man-who was elected! We are all responsible for the current state of the nation-democrats, republicans, and the American people as a whole. Greed has motivated too many people for too long and now we're paying the price.

I'll add more if there's any to add!
and there was!!!  :) Sunday around 12:30

Democrat Speaking (again! and so far no name calling!)
Actually Al Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 election by a landslide. So I take no responsibility for George Bush getting the opportunity to play around with our country and the well being of every single American in it for 8 years. And I am not over estimating the power of an entire administration that is influenced by one man. George Bush bold face lied to the American people about his reasons for going into Iraq. We are STILL spending billions of tax dollars fighting in a war we should not be in! Not to mention the loss of our soldiers and family members. During no other presidency was gas allowed to near 5 dollars a gallon, and George Bush's vice president owns the company that was awarded a NO BID contract to reconstruct the damages in Iraq. HMMMMM nothing fishy about that at all...... So yes greed did motivate the downfall of this country. And while the big banks and big industry played a major role in it. One administration opened the door for everything to fall apart

Me (or the voice of reason, as I like to be called!)
Popular vote doesn't win you a presidency, Bush won the election fair and square.  He's not the first president to lose popular vote and win a presidency either.

Clinton shares his part of the blame for the current financial chaos. He beefed up the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act to force mortgage lenders to relax their rules to allow more socially disadvantaged borrowers to qualify for home loans.  Or, to put another way, people who didn't need to be borrowing that much money got it anyway!  The massive increase in home sales made our economy boom as the bubble grew...

Then, in 1999 Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, which ensured a complete separation between commercial banks-who lend, and investment banks which invest and take risks, causing a conflict of interest and giving lenders entirely too much power.

Clinton's bubble was burst in 2003.  GW's responsibility was only in failing to recover . He created a bigger bubble to replace the burst one. In the end, the burst hurt more and the fallout landed on his shoulders. 

The blame also needs to be applied to the predators who preyed on the gullibility of the public and on the public for not educating themselves before buying into it.  My grandparents always told me "if something looks too good to be true, it probably is" and this is a perfect example of that! 

Every politician ever in office lies about something, whether intentional or by circumstance. You have to overlook the lie and see the intention. It's no secret that Saddam Hussein and bin laden were/are dangerous men and that war has been known to stimulate the economy. I can only assume that GW thought it was an acceptable moment to bend the truth, thinking it would protect American and stimulate the economy. 

To be continued...possibly...

and it is...Sunday around 8:30pm

Democrat Crying, uh, I mean speaking aga
My point is that the American people elected Al Gore by popular vote, therefore it was clear who "we" wanted to be our President. Yes I agree that all presidents make mistakes.. But when Bill Clinton left office we had a surplus of money. W...hen George Bush left we were trillions in debt. And I don't see in any way that War is good for anything.. Look around do see our economy prospering?? Does it look like the death toll and debt generated from this war was worth it so that "GW" could settle a score with Sadam Hussein??

Now, I'm pretty sure I'm done debating with him because it's becoming boring and pointless to me and I don't have anything positive to reply anymore; I know I'd be snarky!

However, if I were going to reply I'd say:

I know what popular vote means, but I also know how the electoral college works and it's the system we've used for over 200 years and no one has complained nearly as much as Al Gore's minions.  It's been ten years, get over it!  I don't even think Al Gore is that upset anymore...if he can move on why can't his followers?

Obama is constantly saying that he inherited GW's problems, and he's right.  Seriously, I believe that!  (pick yourselves up from the floor, I'm being serious!)  Each president inherits their predecessors problems when they take over the office.  It part of the job, I'm pretty sure it's even on the application they have to fill out!  If they didn't know to expect it, they were stupid.  (sorry, I know I hate the "s" word but it's only fitting!)  I have zero intention of running for office, but if I did I'd know there would be inherited problems.  With that said, GW INHERITED CLINTON'S PROBLEMS! 

I feel pretty confident saying that when my grandchildren are studying US history it will reflect the truth, that GW was a decent man and a good president.  This article lists GW's top ten achievements while in office and I think it's spot on.  Of course he made mistakes, and of course he could have done some things better, unlike Obama, he's human and not infallible!  I know democrats, in general, don't understand that because they only elect perfect people or gods among men but we "real folks" get it.

To wrap up, I'd probably say that I had a bone to pick with terrorisst too, it wasn't just GW!  I don't like war and I'd love if we had world peace but I refuse to sit and be anyone's easy target so like it or not, war is warranted!  Sometimes you have to fight.  Sometimes you have to stand up for what's right.  Sometimes you have to quit letting people walk all over you!  Hopefully America will do that again in two years! 

My closing sentence would be...

"WE" didn't want Al Gore, ya'll can have him!


  1. I am ROLLING!!!!!! I'm very impressed and somewhat frightened with your precise history of both Clinton and GW's presidencies and/or political decisions. Note to self...NEVER and I mean NEVER argue with Lisa where politics are concerned...she will eat you alive. ;)

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