Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Do Love to Talk

If you've ever known me, you know I like to talk, a lot.  I really do, although silence doesn't really bother me either, when I'm in a group of friends, I feel like someone should be talking-at all times. 

When I visit my in laws, my father in law and I can comfortably sit in a room together without talking.  It's not an awkward silence and there's nothing uncomfortable about it.  We talk if there's something to say but we don't just chatter.

Tonight, though, at dinner with friends I felt like I couldn't stop talking!  I sometimes get a little embarrassed by the amount of talking I do.  Tonight was one of those nights!  Ugh!  There are times I come home after an outing and I reflect and think geeze, I should just shut up sometimes!  I wonder how often the people I'm with think that too! 

I like to think I'm funny and interesting but I realize that sometimes I'm probably just obnoxious. I just need to find another way to get the constant conversation out of my head! 

Oh wait, that's why I'm blogging!  At least I didn't discuss parenting, politics, or religion!


  1. And THIS is exactly why we are besties!!!! Our love for the ART...yes I said ART of communication. Keep talking girl! ;)

  2. ok, so thank you for posting your thoughts because i have the same thought process running thru my head! i'm constantly thinking, "why don't i just shut up & let someone else talk??" we will be driving home from small group & i'll look at andy & say "did i talk too much?" & so-and-so doesn't like me b/c they think i'm obnoxious! i'm always trying to crack jokes, but when i think about the nights events i wonder who is really thinking, "why doesn't she just stop trying to make jokes & stop talking?!" it's pretty embarassing. :) you know what they say, "misery loves company". while this isn't really a misery type situation, i'm glad someone else does the same thing.

  3. reading back over my above posted comment it occurred to me - look how LONG it took me to get my point across. that's exacty how i talk! L O N G W I N D E D LOL!

  4. I've decided there's nothing wrong with being chatty! These women are my friends for a reason and they either like to talk to me or they tolerate my talking because they like other things about me. Either way, I'm blessed with friends and I'm going to keep talking to them!