Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Waiting...

I've been praying about a few things and I'm waiting on answers! 

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Oh yeah, then there's that verse!  So, turns out that God has a plan and it's not necessarily mine. 

On more than one occasion I've looked back at something and said..."oh, that's why that happened..." and I've even been able to look at times that I think were terrible and I can see how God used those to get me where I am, and I'm thankful!

I've been praying on helping to plan our women's retreat for our women's ministry at church but I've been known to jump in over my head on things and I just don't know if I'm supposed to help or not.  I've been praying for weeks but I don't feel any closer to an answer than I was when I started.

Originally one of my  very dear friends was supposed to be the retreat speaker so I felt drawn into the planning.  You can imagine why I might feel "called" into helping.  Then God found a perfect person to coordinate it all and I felt a weight off of my shoulders.  I'm sure she was an answered prayer.

Now, my friend isn't going to be able to do the event and I got an email asking if I was still interested in helping out and I just don't know.  I'm not nearly as excited about it without my friend being the speaker, and I have huge reservations about leaving my kids for a weekend (that's a different blog, hold your judgement!) I love my girl friends at church, but my kids are only going to be small for so long.  Is the retreat going to help me grow closer to God? 

I thought having my friend do the retreat was my answer from God to buck up, attend, and enjoy the I'm not sure.  Is God giving me an out?  Does God do that? 

I try to pray through everything now, and I guess that's why I spend time trying to determine God's plan.  I used to plow through, do things my way, hope for the best, then pray out of it!  You know the prayer...

God, I've gotten myself in a mess and I need your help...

That prayer was on constant repeat in my life!  I'm trying to go in the right way now instead of going in and backing out when I blow it!  The retreat is a small thing, really, and I've prayed for much more difficult things (and am currently, but they're not blog material!)  This is just an example of the differences in how I try to approach everything in my life now.  I'm not the best at letting go of things, but I do go to God first before I pry them out of his hands and clench onto them with a death grip!

Until God sends a bright blinking marquis sign, I'm waiting!


  1. Oh Lisa...I am SO praying over this for you.

    You are the dear friend. I will be foregoing many women's events this year because I will be attending a large event in August. It's so hard...and some of my female friends don't understand this choice. But, it's not about's about Paul, Beau and Brynn. :)

    Women's groups/events are so helpful in building our relationships with other Christian sisters...but evangelism does begin in the home. :) :) :) Which you and Keith are doing!!!! Continue to foster those female relationships, but know they are not the end all, be all if they aren't pointing to Christ.

    I pray that God gives you peace on your choice. There is only a wrong answer if you do something out of obligation...and not His glory. It's up to you to select the peace and lose the death grip. ;)

    I love you girl!!

  2. So you are planning this women's event? What church do you guys go to? Love the blog!

  3. Nope, God pointed me in a very clear direction yesterday and I know what he wants me to use my talents for. I've been praying for clarity and he smacked me upside the head with direction yesterday so it was pretty clear!