Friday, January 28, 2011

No Thank You!

I have strong opinions but I really don't think I know everything.  I think it's okay that I'm opinionated and I have strong feelings about politics.  I do wonder sometimes, when life has given me a little more experience if I'll still feel the same ways.  Maybe one day I'll just wake up and be a card carrying liberal Obama supporter...nah!

Now that I've stopped laughing, hysterically, at my own joke I'll finish!

I opened my blog the other day to show Keith a picture of my speeding ticket fiasco that I had posted.  When I opened it there was a picture of Obama on my advertisements column.  Often times I get these ads to "repeal Obama"  I've never clicked them because it seems a little silly to me.  However, on this day the ad said "RE ELECT OBAMA!" 

"WHAT THE..."  I said to Keith while he laughed hysterically at my disdain!  "I will take these google ads off of my page!  It is SO NOT worth the whole ten cents I've earned in my three months of blogging!  HOW IN THE HECK DID THIS HAPPEN?!?  Don't they even READ the content before they slap this crap on my blog?  Have I misrepresented myself some how?"

All, while Keith is still laughing!  Then he says, "It's probably Greg's fault!"  He was referring to the comments on my previous blog post, I'm Really NOT A Jerk.  Now, I'm all for blaming Greg for anything (he IS a liberal, after all!) but I re read his comments and I STILL don't get it!

Then, today, I got a text from Shawn where she said  "I get a lot of junk mail, guess which one made me lol and scream HELL NO!" 

She included a screen shot from her iPhone

If you think I have strong conservative opinions, you should meet Shawn!  Apparently whoever is running the Obama re election campaign is trying to bamboozle us into submission!

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  1. I just got the the Repeal Obama ad on your page. ;) Love it!

    If this every happens to me...on my blog...I'm throwing my computer/cell phone, whatever out the window, be it my own or someone elses.

    I will then be forced into compiling a blog that is called, "Hell has frozen over, jacket anyone?".