Thursday, March 31, 2011

Liberal Agenda is EVERYWHERE!

I think we can all agree that the liberal left tends to control the media and entertainment industry.  It's no surprise when you hear every rapper in the business is going to support a democratic candidate. (Like anyone with a brain actually cares who JayZ is voting for!)  Obama's sensationalist behavior was bound to happen, with a president, sooner or later because the entertainment industry has deemed themselves the elite of the nation, and their opinions matter-just ask them!  Who can blame Obama for getting caught up in it all, like a giddy teenager at a NKOTB concert!

Entertainment and media believe they have full control of the nation and it's voters, they under estimate the American people and believe us to be too dumb to research for ourselves.  Their arrogance typically turns my stomach in an election or on any social issues.  I'm not saying that telethons or fundraisers are wrong, in that case, use your celebrity!  Just don't tell me how to think! I don't have to socialize medicine because some pop star needs to clean up their image.  I refuse to hate guns because a random actress decides "guns kill people."  I be darned if I'm giving up my religion because mainstream media believes that it makes me close minded.  I'm going to sit right here, in the Bible belt, and cling to my guns and religion till the bitter end!

It's no different with kids tv either!  Just watch your children's shows and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.  Years ago, my boss's husband, Richard made a comment about Care Bears and socialism.  I was just a young republican back then and couldn't see liberal conspiracy everywhere, (ha!) I sort of half agreed and laughed a little.  Then the subject was mentioned again a few years later, and I'll be darned!  He was right! 

Think about it!  Even IMDB acknowledges that Care Bears are "the best example ever of Christian socialism."  Sesame street is no different, teaching we're all the same...we're all no different, except-we are all INDIVIDUALS!  Just go to YouTube and watch "We All Sing the Same Song"  Yes, it's a happy cute song, but as an adult I see a deeper agenda. 

Another perfect example is Toot & Puddle, a gay pig couple who are raising a child together.  The show never comes out and overtly mentions their sexuality but watch the show for ten minutes and you'll agree!  I mean, they live in Woodcock Pocket, for crying out loud! 

Lastly, what about all of the shows about the environment!  UGH!  Yes, we need to take care of the planet and yes recycling is good.  Sheesh Wall-E, lighten up!  The human race is actually smarter than you give us credit for!  Who do you think invented you, you little bucket of rust!

I could go on about kids movies and tv shows, all day but I'm going to quit before I alienate every single friend I have!  I'm also going to link to this site that, not only made me laugh out loud at the absurdity, but also raised my awareness on a few movies I hadn't noticed!

Now, I'm not judging anyones social beliefs, but I can't deny that these shows are pushing their agendas on very young children.  Tolerance and acceptance are two totally different things and I believe 100% in tolerance, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! 

I don't hate gay people, poor people, or the environment.  But, I do believe it's my place to teach my children about those topics and NOT the entertainment industry's!  And, to be completely honest, I'm doing a pretty good job!  Hadley's last birthday party looked like a UN meeting, we truly had every race, religion, and culture in attendance.

I mean, seriously, just look at these terrorists!  Would you really want your children to be friends with this ragmuffin group?


  1. I am laughing hysterically as I am nodding my head in complete agreement.

    However you must know of my latest grandstand...this WILL become a blog, I am sure of it.

    I made a concious decision NOT to watch Glee due to it's content. However, I was a Gleek...until I just could take it no more. :P

    Well I am stating this to my younger cousin and his wife last weekend with Paul looking on intently. But, I will be darned if they didn't say, "Well did you guys get to watch the Jersey Shore finally". I was "NO!!! We missed it! Grrrrrr!!".

    So...I realize right then and there I was the hypocrite of all hypocrites...LOL! Yes, I watch...or should I say WATCHED JS. ;)

    I'm even contemplating giving up ALL the Housewives...who's with me????

    LOVE YOU and couldn't agree more. I love your political views, like you plucked 'em right out of my head. ;)

  2. Well I love you, but you know I'm NOT with you on giving up the housewives!