Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I'm "blogging"

Keith has been telling me that I should write for years. First, he said I should write a book so I bought a notebook and pencils and wrote about 100 pages. Then, decided writing was too hard and made my hand all crampy...if I only had a laptop, I'd write my memoirs, I was sure. So, Keith got me a lap top...and I broke it...and never wrote a single page.

Then, it seemed as if every single person I know was starting to blog...What the heck is blogging? Seriously? Where did that come from? Wiki says it's a word combo of "web+logging=blog" Seems a little goofy, but what the heck! I adore writing snippets on facebook so, why not?

Although, I must confess...I'm pretty sure Keith wants me to write so badly in hopes that I'll talk less. With two daughters and a wife, all who LOVE to chat, we run short on quiet time in this house!

The other reason I think Keith may be pushing the author in me to escape is because three of my favorite topics are those "hot button" topics that you aren't supposed to bring up in social settings...parenting, politics, & religion. Ahhh...the trifecta of good conversation, as far as I'm concerned! I LOVE topics that get people so impassioned that their faces turn red and they start to sweat a little. However, one ability that I seem to have that a lot of people are lacking is letting it all go, when it's over-it's over. I love to get riled up and argue my side of a debate, but when I'm done we can all still be friends.

Recently I had some comments deleted on a friends facebook page because it inflamed some of her other friends. Obviously, it was her page to do with it what she wanted, but I was a little irritated that some liberal agenda preaching moron was able to control this person's page.

Here's how it happened...this girl made a comment that republicans had taken control back and it was a good day for Indiana...I promptly posted "double like" (you know, because facebook has that "like" option, but it just wasn't' enough for me!)

Then, this random guy posts (I'm paraphrasing) "great! now we can go back to living in fear, and pushing people around all in the name of God and Liberty-so that makes it alright"

Me: Are you implying that people aren't living in fear now?

Random Guy: blah blah blah...9/11 was Bush's fault. The economy is Bush's fault. George Bush hates black people...(oh wait, that one was Kanye.)

Me: (still paraphrasing) In 1996 President CLINTON was warned that Bin Laden was DANGEROUS! And did nothing...9/11 happened before Bush would have had any opportunity to make fundamental changes to our national security. And, the economy...we ALL play a part in that! Clinton, Bush, American's ALL ours! And FYI, if the Republican tag line is God & Liberty, sign me up...I happen to LOVE those two things!

Random Guy: If you had a brain...blah blah blah, you'd be a democrat. If you weren't so stupid, blah blah blah...

Me: Why is it, when things are going a liberals way they get personal? I refuse to debate with someone calling me juvenile names and personally attacking me. Thanks for ruining a good debate, I'm sorry bipartisanship scares you so bad!

Person who owns the FB page: Can't we all just get along, no debate...I'm deleting any comments that are in attack.

(she deletes "random guy's comments)

Random Guy: They don't make sense when you only delete some of the comments. You should delete the Republican's words too...waaa, wahhh, waaa! (clearly, still paraphrasing)


So, now...I am blogging and I can write whatever nonsense I like! I can debate, get riled up, get mad, be happy, argue, hug, and talk all the politics, parenting, & religion I want! Yay for blogging!


  1. Why I'm commenting...cause I am laughing so hard, while agreeing all at once!!! :) LOVE IT!

  2. LOVE IT! Too funny (and correct) and you took the words right out of my mouth! Does Keith think this will keep us quite when we go out to eat Dec.14? :-) Oh, and this is me...Trudi

  3. I'm sure Keith knows better! Ha!