Friday, November 12, 2010

Too Much to Do, Too Sick to Do It!

Have you ever noticed that when you're not feeling well everything is an irritating shade of bleak? Or, is that just me?

I have been battling with a kidney stone for awhile now and I have, yet, another UTI because of it. Unfortunately, over the past year I've gotten several of them so it's nothing new. This particular UTI is making me crazy! I usually get one, feel a little icky for a day, get my antibiotics, and bounce right back.

This time...I've felt like I got hit by a truck for three days now. Ugh! There seems to be no end in sight of this one and it's wearing me out! Not only does my body feel battered but I'm emotionally drained too. This may sound a little dramatic but I am a very high energy, on the move, love to go kind of person and being down for three days is down right depressing. Oh, did I mention it's the best weather of the season and today is the last day of it, per the weather man, so I'm overly annoyed today.

I'm annoyed that I have an event at church tomorrow and I'm completely unprepared for. All I need is coffee and pastries, but I haven't felt like getting either together. I also need to make cute Christmas-y note cards, but that's really optional...plain note cards would suffice.

I'm also annoyed that when you get sick you have to get dressed, get the kids dressed, load up the family and go to the doctor. Then, you get to the doctor and they give you some antibiotics and send you on your way. Takes me over an hour to actually get to the doctor and ten minutes with her. After that, if you're lucky (or not) the antibiotics don't work so you spend a couple of more days feeling like you got plowed down by a truck. Repeat that first annoying step and go in for blood work. UGH! Guess what, still sick...look like a pin cushion, even grouchier and nothing has been accomplished!

I have a budget presentation for my HOA on Sunday and that's completely unprepared too. You guessed, I'm annoyed! It's not a hard job, but I need to do it and I need to have a clear head to do so (which I don't) and I need to talk to people to finish and I totally don't feel like it! I would be perfectly content to curl up in bed and wait this out!

Oh wait, can't curl up in bed because the dog threw up in there this morning. And peed! See, why I'm so grumpy!


  1. HA HA HA HA!!!!!! You KNOW I am not laughing because of the dreaded UTI...but because even in your sickness. you are a hysterically funny to me. :) :) :)

    Just think, you have enough Cipro in your system to keep Anthrax at bay for a long time, your probably are even protecting Keith and the girls by proxy, because your so dosed on antis!!! ;)

  2. Only you would see the true humor in such a whiney, self pitying spill! Love it!