Thursday, November 18, 2010

God & His Angels are keeping me up!

Lydia has figured out that if she comes down stairs in the middle of the night, I won't make her go back upstairs. If I'm asleep I have no interest in getting out of my warm bed to take a toddler, who's going to scream at me, back up stairs and fight with her about where she should sleep. Lydia figured this out pretty quick, she comes down nearly every night! She walks all the way from her room where there is a night light, down the stairs and into my room neither of which have lights and claims she's scared of the dark-puhlease!

Keith put her to bed in her room she put up a fuss and said "I don't want to be all alone in here!" Keith has tried to combat this by saying "you're never alone, God is always with you and his angels watch over you." It seemed to work for the first couple of nights and I can just imagine she was laying in bed working this out in her head. I can picture it!

Finally! She's found a hole in Keith's comforting words...

Monday night Lydia came into our room and said "I can't sleep, those angels are being TOO LOUD!" Apparently, her room turns into a regular Christian jubilee after we walk out! What are we supposed to do with that?!?

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