Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Root Canal-Check (twice!)

Lydia had her second root canal today and from what I can gather, the meds didn't exactly "sedate" her, they made her act a little more like the only drunk girl at a non drinking party. (I know it's a tacky example, but if you'd seen her staggering around the dentist office and slurring incoherently you'd totally get it!)

Lydia LOVES the dentist! (both girls do, actually) We presented the root canals as a pajama party at the dentist's office, she got to bring a blanket and a toy and was allowed to wear pajamas and slippers. She was super excited about it this morning, when she woke up I said "don't change clothes, you get to have your pajama party at the dentist today" Lydia replied, with glee "YESSSS!" (Deep down, she's a 17 year old surfer dude!)

We got to the dentist, settled in the consult room with the lights off, a tv, a blanket and pillow, and enough drugs to tranquilize livestock. We cuddled up for 45 minutes waiting for the meds to kick in, Lydia watching The Little Mermaid while snuggling Dog Dog (her lovie) and I fell sound asleep. Needless to say I was a little startled when Lydia jumped out of my lap and squealed "PAJAMA PARTY" as the dentist opened the door. I like to think I recovered well and that Dr. Graham didn't notice that I was SOUND ASLEEP.

Did I mention that Lydia had been fasting before taking the drugs, so food was of the utmost importance at 9:45 when Dr. Graham picked her up. She said "can we eat? I'm hungry" and Dr. Graham tried to appease her by saying "it's time for the pajama party!" to which Lydia replied "yeah, but will we eat there?" I don't know what else happened, because like I said, I'd just woken up!

Shortly after 11:00 the dental assistant came to get me and tell me that everything had gone well. We were standing at the administration desk waiting when I hear that cute little shrill voice booming from the other side of the door. Unmistakably Lydia! Chatting a mile a minute and basically blabbering incoherently! She sees me, breaks loose from the dentist, and comes running-serpentine! Ha! I got a little panicky at the thought of her falling and needing MORE DENTAL work so I picked her up and she began telling me all about her experience. The dental assistant took her to put on a tattoo so Dr. Graham and I could talk (yes, it was that much talking!)

That's when Dr. Graham says sheepishly "She's a very busy little girl."

"No kidding" I couldn't help but reply

"We gave her all those drugs to sedate her and she never quit moving. Her hands were going, her feet were moving, she was trying to talk. I'm just not sure I've seen anything like it before." She continues.

"Welcome to my life!" I know, I was being sassy, but she did interfere with my nap! ha!

Dr. Graham isn't our regular dentist, we usually see her partner Dr. Donnelson and they worked together on this, so she's not used to Lydia and she's much more reserved that Dr. Donnelson (or us!) so I'm not sure she knew how to take it all. I'm guessing her appointment book will be full if we ever try to see her again! Ha!

I have to include something I read today, for a good laugh...

Description of a toddler

1 Toddler
Lots of toys and games
1 house to wreck
Tons of love and patience from Mom and Dad

A toddler is built to a design that is perfect in every way- except for one small defect; they have all the activity of a major International Airport, but are lack the direction of a control tower!

That about sums up Lydia!

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  1. LOVED reading this as much as I loved hearing about it via the telly!! :) :) :)

    This one MUST be saved for her to read as an adult. It's to funny not to share with her later.