Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So, I said a Prayer...

I heard a man on KLOVE today, he was the author of the book, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven. He said his son told him he is in constant prayer. He told his son "I know, but next time you pray..." and his son replied "Through the Holy Spirit my brain is always in conversation with God. My mouth is what I use to talk to people with." WOW! What an amazing thought! Really, can you imagine? I would love to say this is true about me, I mean I do pray a lot, but I'm not in constant prayer.

One thing I pray about often is my daughters. I pray for the lives they live, I pray for the challenges they will meet, I pray for their friends, I pray while they're at school, I pray for the men they will one day marry and the children they will one day have, and I pray that I absorb every moment of their childhood. Each time my girls do something cute or sweet or wonderful, I whisper a quick prayer "please, God help me remember this all of my life and let this be my comfort when they don't need me anymore."

Yesterday as Lydia and I stood outside waiting for Hadley to come home on the bus Lydia's anticipation kept growing and growing until it was near eruption. By the time Hadley got off the bus Lydia was giddy! She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and that mussed up strawberry blond hair and said "can I get her?" I nodded and she launched out of the yard towards Hadley, screaming every step "Hat-we! Hat-we! Hat-we!" Her voice was so shrill and excited and she nearly tackled Hadley when the met on the sidewalk! Hadley promptly hugged her back and picked her up, then they raced home. It was one of those moments that warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes, and I whispered a prayer.

Tonight I had another one of those moments of sweet simplicity that I beg God to help me always remember. It was so simple, Hadley was walking across the family room with her messy hair (she fixed her own hair this morning because I am sick and Keith is not a stylist!) half of her hair is in a pony tail and half is knotted around the pony tail holder. Of course, she had macaroni and cheese on her, because she ALWAYS spills her food (always!) and she walked across the room, paused the TV and went to blow her nose. I don't know what it was about that moment, but I realized how much she's growing up and how fast. When did she get so tall? When did her hair grow so long? When did she learn to use the remote...? So, I said a prayer.

Having these two amazing daughters has definitely increased my prayer life, and I can continue to strive towards constant prayer.

This is Hadley 2 days after she was born!

And, here's Lydia when she was a day old!

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