Monday, November 22, 2010

The Best Part of the Day

Each night when we sit down for family dinner I ask Hadley what her best part of the day was. Hadley had a tendency to focus on the negative so I feel like this helps her center on the highlights and puts us in line for positive conversations.

Tonight Hadley said her best part of the day was playing with Bailey, from next door. They played soccer, climbed trees, and seemed to get along great today (which isn't always the case!) I was glad this was her best part. After Hadley starts, I usually go around and ask everyone else what their best part was, then when it comes to me I share mine. Tonight I said "I'm still waiting on my best part of the day."

I had a busy, pre holiday, errand day planned and even though I'd stayed up too late last night and woken up in in the middle of the night when Lydia climbed in bed with us, I had everyone dressed and almost ready to go by 8am! Lydia and I were sitting at the bar, she was finishing breakfast and I was reading Jaime's blog about "Letters to God" when it happened...

I heard a gurgle, a burp, then blehhhh....and Lydia was throwing up all over the kitchen bar, bar stool, floor, clothes, bowl, etc. Seriously, I fixed her 2 pieces of toast for breakfast and a sippy cup to drink from, not a big gulp and shoney's buffet! It was the never ending vomit! There seemed to be break in the action so I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom and pointed her at the potty. I went back to the kitchen and with my extremely weak stomach gagged my way through the clean up. I cleaned up, mopped, cloroxed...gagging every step of the way. It's almost embarrassing how weak my stomach is! I went back to the bathroom and Lydia was naked and sitting on the floor, it was so pitiful.

I wiped her down with a wash cloth and warm water then tried to use hand sanitizer as much as possible. I wrapped her in her new quilt that mom made her and laid her on the couch. She was so sad looking, I can't stand to see my babies sick, even when I know it's not serious it breaks my heart! We spent the next couple of hours cuddling on the couch watching cartoons, I browsed the internet and stalked facebook a little, and Lydia didn't move.

I was nearing a pity party because I'd had so many plans when a friend commented on facebook that she was sorry for Lydia and offered to help watch the girls this afternoon. What a blessing...her youngest daughter recently spent over two weeks in the hospital and is still on the mend but she was showing me compassion for whining about have a few hours of a stomach bug. It really put it in perspective for me and I was very humbled by it. It turned my day around quite a bit too because my attitude improved. Instead of focusing on what I wasn't doing, I appreciated the quiet time with Lydia. So, tonight I found the best part of my day...Lydia and I are back on the couch, watching Scooby Doo and singing songs. Thank God for the simple blessings!

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  1. Beautifully put!!!!! :) Now you may not want to Watch Letter's to God because it may make you think of vomit...NOOOOO!!!! :)