Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble til You Wobble

It's officially Thanksgiving! Of course, I'm getting ready to go to bed and not doing anymore prep work for the night, but still.

This is the first year that our family hasn't been going through some major life change for the holiday season and I AM EXCITED!

Our house is decorated, we have 4 Christmas trees up, garland, stockings, table cloths, holiday trinkets, etc. all in place. I have the kids holiday pictures and artwork proudly displayed throughout the house. All of the desserts and nearly all of the side dishes for tomorrows feast are prepped and ready to go. The house is clean and the kids are in bed. There are no boxes in disarray from having just moved, there are no plans that involve loading small children and pets up to drive several hours. It's just THANKSGIVING and I'm loving it! I have never been this prepared and UN stressed during the this how normal people live? I mean, those people who don't move every year or two? WOW!

May everyone have a relaxing and blessed holiday season! Let the gobble til you wobble good times begin!

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