Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sarah Palin and Aunt Julie

Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin is coming to town! I'm not convinced I want her to be the next president of the US, although she'd beat the heck out of the current one, I'm just hoping for a Regan incarnate-rock star republican. However, she's a great speaker, a wonderful motivator, and an interesting person.

Lydia was playing with my iPhone on Monday and has managed to lock me out of my voice mail and delete my ring tone so I've been slightly incommunicado this week. Keith's Uncle Bob calls me every few weeks just to check in, and he's called several times this week and I kept forgetting to call him back. Finally, today, we got in touch with each other and as it turns out it was actually his wife Julie calling to see if I wanted to go to Meijer with her this evening for the Sarah Palin book signing.

First of all, I thought he was only calling in to check on us and Keith's grandma, so I hadn't made a great effort to call him back (oops!) and secondly, I didn't know Sarah Palin was coming to town tonight!

Bob who I'm pretty sure swings to the left a little but won't talk about it with Julie and I, who are both hard core conservatives, said in a very unimpressed tone

"Julie's been calling to see if you wanted to go sit in a parking lot and wait for Sarah Palin sometime."

"Sure, when is this happening? I'd love to hear Sarah speak and I'd love to hang out with Julie. Do you know any of the details?"

"I don't know, I'll have her call you. She asked me to go and I told her she was crazy if she thought I was going to sit in a parking lot for hours! I wouldn't wait in Meijer parking lot to hear the president of the United States speak!" Says Bob.

"I wouldn't wait to hear that guy either!" I quickly chime in.

"Well, Julie's wanting to go but I'm not sure when it's happening. I think it's crazy to wait for hours for a book signing or to hear her speak. I wouldn't wait to hear President Obama speak" he says again.

Must not of heard me the first time so I say it louder and with more feeling "Yeah, I wouldn't wait to hear Obama either. In fact, I probably wouldn't even open my door if he was on the front porch." I added that last part just to make sure I drove it home!

Insert patronizing chuckle here, as Bob changes the subject!

I just googled to see the details on Sarah's arrival and I see why Julie hasn't called back...people actually camped out in Meijer last night for the 6pm arrival (TONIGHT) of Sarah Palin. I'll be the first to admit, those folks are more hard core than me! There is NO WAY I'd sleep on a cold floor of a super store to wait for Sarah Palin. In fact, I can't think of many people who would be able to get me to do that!

On a side note, Obama was in Kokomo last week and I don't remember hearing anyone camping to see him...maybe a few enthusiastic T.E.A. Party-ers who wanted to make sure their signs were visible, but there wasn't a fan club waiting for "I told you so Tuesday." I'm just sayin...

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