Friday, December 31, 2010

A Look Back at 2010

As I sit in my childhood home on New Year's Eve I can't help but reflect a little.  I thought I'd live and die in Centertown, KY.  The fact that I've moved all over and lived in so many different places never crossed my mind as a possibility when I was younger.  I LOVE my life, and I feel so blessed to have this life but it is in no way what I would have predicted for myself-it's better!

We spent our first full year in our home in 2010 and I'm still not feeling antsy!  This is a very good sign for me!  I haven't spent any time in 2010 perusing the internet to find a new place to live, not a new house, new town, or new state!  Unless you count Hawaii and I stand by that one...if Keith ever comes across a good paying job there we will be HI bound!  I feel pretty confident that I wouldn't bump into the Obama's anyway, but it'd be worth the risk!

Keith was baptized in May of 2010!  Great news for our family!  That may come as a surprise to anyone who knows Keith, but he is a definite "look before you leap" kind of guy and he doesn't do anything unless he's picked it apart and is sure!  It's all in God's time though!  I can say that and mean it now that I'm on the other side of the waiting game too!  I have always felt blessed to have Keith as a husband because he's such wonderful man and an amazing daddy but now he's a strong christian too!  God is GREAT!

I had my gallbladder removed in 2010 and I must admit, that sucked!  I'll pass on anymore surgeries!  Bleh!  I felt terrible for days and I had an allergic reaction to the meds which really made it interesting.  On the positive side, I no longer tell Keith that if I have a heart attack later in the night to tell the ER that I'd been having chest pains all day and I can eat nearly anything I want again!

I've been on the HOA board for a full year now, and I've learned that it takes more than I thought to keep our little neighborhood running!  I haven't decided if I'll do it again when my term is up or not.  There are parts that I love but honestly, using QuickBooks has made it pretty horrible.  In case you didn't pick up on that, I HATE quickbooks!  I feel like I use my brain more and I like being involved in what's going on and then I realize that I have to add the info to quickbooks...bleh!

There seems to be a little more peace in our lives that there has been in awhile and I'm so thankful for that!  In September I started feeling very overwhelmed and realized I was taking on too much.  Anyone who isn't a stay at home mom will probably guffaw when reading that.  I told one of my best friends (who isn't married and doesn't have kids) and she was like "WHAT could possibly have you this overwhelmed?"  She didn't mean it in a catty way, she just thinks that I'm a stay at home mom and I should have TONS of free time-I agree!

Turns out though, when you over commit it doesn't matter if you have a "job" or not!  I was on the hospitality team at church so I was doing welcoming things on Sunday mornings, then teaching the 3 year old class, and occasionally doing Kindgom Kids, which is our kids ministry during worship time.  Add that to me working at Hadley's school 1-2 times a week, a women's accountability group on Monday evenings, a women's bible study on Wednesday morning, being a member of our women's ministry committee, a tag along bible study with another dear friend via the phone, being the HOA treasurer, taking Hadley to her activities, taking Lydia to preschool twice a week, being Mom and wife and I WAS EXHAUSTED!  I went into autopilot and realized there was a problem.  I was at an HOA meeting with Bob and his wife and started crying telling her how overwhelmed I was, then I went to my doctor and started crying over the same thing and she very bluntly told me to lighten my load a bit.  She explained it to me in a way that no one else had before. 

As a woman who formerly had a "real job" I couldn't understand why I couldn't do it all but my awesome doctor helped me slow it all down and I've relinquished some of my responsibilities and started enjoying the ones I'm still committed to, turns out that the world can spin without  me driving it!  My bible study group (who I also cried in front of, um, can we say HOT MESS?!?) gave me the most empowering advice...Instead of making an emotional commitment and saying yes because I really want to help out, tell the asker "I will pray about it and get back to you in a day or two" I know that sounds simple, but wow!  I'm trying to live that now and I'm feeling better, I've even said no to a couple of things!

I got to fulfill a lifelong dream in honor of Hadley's seventh birthday.  In September, I saw the Grand Ole Opry in the Ryman Auditorium!  On top of that, they were filming Extreme Home Makeover while we were there!  This was Hadley's birthday gift from Nonna but I got to tag along and it was amazing!  It was so surreal and I was giddy through the whole thing!  Carrie Underwood sang and the Riders in the Sky were there, along with Hank Jr's daughter, and a really awesome bluegrass group who I can't remember (shame!)

Hadley started full time school this year and it nearly broke my heart!  I prefer to have my babies at home with me, but she's loving school and doing great so I can't complain.  I try to keep my internal grumbling, internal!  I see so many flaws in the school system that it makes me a little sick but we are blessed with a very good school and an awesome teacher so that helps.

Hadley has continued to amaze me with her kind heart.  She is such an amazing little girl who cares so much about people.  She is very intuitive to others, more so than me and a lot of adults.  She still relates better to adults than children and she is unimpressed by a lot of first grade antics.  She's an old soul and we are blessed to have her as our daughter.

Lydia is still keeping us laughing!  That kids keeps us on our toes and keeps us smiling.  Lydia started school this year too and I hear that she's well behaved and keeps her teachers laughing too!  Keith has asked me, more than once, if Lydia's "okay" because she's wound so tightly and my answer is always the same.  "She's fine, she's just a different kid than Hadley."  And, she is fine, she's perfect in fact! 

Overall, 2010 has been full of surprises, blessings, and love!  We have had a wonderful 2010 and I pray that 2011 is just as good  or even better!  For all of you who have helped contribute to our wonderful 2010, I say THANKS!  LOVE YOU!

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