Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Angela!

Friday was my favorite realtor's birthday and last night we went out to celebrate! 

Angela and I met 3 years ago (almost to date) when Keith and I were house shopping.  We came into Indy one weekend to buy a house!  That was when we were still naive enough to believe that our house in WV would sale and all the pieces would fall into place and enable us to buy a house instead of moving into an apartment.  At the time, we didn't know what complete jerks lived in our neighborhood in WV and didn't realize they would sale their souls (if they had them!) to stop the sale of our house!  (That's a topic for another blog!  ugh!) That reality was quite a shock but everything works out for a reason!  We spent the weekend looking at all the houses we thought we would love, we didn't love any of them. 

Two months later we moved to Indy, in an apartment, and continued the house hunt...for another YEAR AND A HALF!  Yes, we started looking at houses in April 2008 and didn't buy a house until October 2009!  I've seen nearly every house that's ever been on the market in Hamilton county!  Honestly, it probably didn't matter if it was in my price range or not!  I looked at everything for sale just to get a better idea of what I wanted.

I found a tiny little, over priced, house that I was convinced I wanted to buy.  I went to an open house, had a showing for Keith, then another showing for my mother in law and finally Angela said "let me show you one in that other subdivision to get a comparison"  She showed us, we fell in love, and here we are!  It's the wonderful house we live in now and LOVE! 

In the course of that year and a half Angela and I became great friends!  Her daughter is now our babysitter, her son is an occasional playdate, and her husband is an all around good guy! 

With all that said, last night was Angela's birthday outing.  We went to Britton Tavern and saw this great band Lemon Wheel.  In true Angela fashion, she invited nearly every person in Hamilton County, also known as her facebook friends!  Ha!  Angela has a dancing background and loves to dance, her husband made the comment, as he and I nursed our drinks from the table, "she'll be out there all night."  (I left at midnight, and she was still going strong!) 

At one point, I may or may have not, mentioned to Jeff that Keith and I met when he was teaching dance.  Jeff RAN with that info!  Within about a minute flat Angela and Jeff were both grinning from ear to ear.  They approached Keith and before I knew it Keith and Angela were busting a move on the dance floor!..

Based on that video, the future will see more of Jeff and I nursing drinks and more of Keith and Angela breaking it down!

The night went on and everyone was having a good time, it really was a lot of fun!  But the highlight of my night was when I got to meet the police officer who gave Keith his ticket!  Ha!  Turns out, he and Angela & Jeff are friends!  When I realized who he was, I had to meet him!  I quickly introduced myself and explained how I "knew" him.  .

He then told me "As much of an asshole as you think I am, I could have made it a lot worse on your husband I even took it easy on him, his shit was a mess." 

 I quickly said "no, no, misunderstood what I meant!  Actually, you are kind of my hero!  You really leveled the playing field at my house!" 

We all laughed a little and chatted some about my blog and I said "I have to point out (again) that in the blog, we didn't actually bash you and we took full responsibility for our tickets...they sucked, but we earned them!"  He agreed then made some sort of super flattering comment about what a fabulous writer I am (just's MY blog, I'll write the story how I want it!) and how super awesome my blog is!  I wandered away and talked to some other folks and so did he.

As we were getting ready to leave, I felt compelled to "officially" introduce Keith and this officer.  Everyone was cordial and although I'm pretty sure I enjoyed this interaction FAR MORE than anyone else, it was epic!  I managed to talk them both into smiling for a picture!  I said "I won't put this on facebook..." I heard the officer say something about my blog but it was so loud, I couldn't make it out.  (maybe something about not blogging it...I don't know!)  Of course, me being me, insisted that I was going to put the picture on the blog...and I am!

Okay, so I did a little editing to keep his anonymity but you get the idea!  Everyone was smiling and we all had a good time.  If you are a close friend,  all bets are off, I will exploit every angle of our friendship in the name of humor.  However, if you have a gun and the right to arrest get a little leeway on my blog! 

It really was a good outing and it was nice to meet some new people and even nicer to meet the officer who leveled the playing field at my house!  Ha!  Happy Birthday Angela!

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  1. I'm rolling...just usual! :) The pic is well...nothing short of priceless...I want that editting software. :D