Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Please Excuse Her, She Didn't Realize We Are Republicans!

Tonight Keith was looking through Hadley's homework and he came into the other room, where I was, and said "I think we're doing something wrong."

I skimmed it and said "oh yea, I saw this at school on Monday."

Keith replies "you DID?" which prompted me to look a little closer and realized it was another kid's paper I had read.  I volunteer on Monday's and not being a "kid person" at the end of the day, they all look alike to me.  (apparently even mine!)

On closer inspection, I said "I feel like I need to write the teacher a note and explain that she Hadley clearly didn't realize we are republicans!

The part you cant see, on the side, teacher's comment "WOW!" 

I couldn't have said it better myself-wow!

In case you have trouble reading it, I'll clear it up for you;

If I were president I would get money and give it to the poor people.
I would increase taxes to $.15

Of course I'm proud of anything my daughter does and like many liberals, her heart is in the right place, she just has absolutely no idea what she's talking about!  I love the charitable heart and I'm proud that she wants to help mankind. 

However, shortly after reading that I called her to the living room and explained charity and government to her. 

I said "honey, we don't need the president to tell us to give money.  Do you realize that we can help poor people without him?"

She said "we can?"

Grrr!  "Yes honey, when we give money at church, that's helping others.  When we donate to the salvation army and goodwill, that's helping poor people."  Then I said "Do you remember when we bought all those groceries and gave them to the homeless man?"

"Yes, mommy.  Why did you buy him juice boxes?"  was her reply.

"I bought him Gatorade because it has things your body needs..." I told her.

She interrupted "since he was homeless he didn't have cups so the little bottles were easier?"

Okay, so clearly she remembers this act of charity!  "yes honey, but that was helping a poor person WITHOUT government interference!  We can use our money more judiciously than the government or the president."

deep breaths momma!

"We don't NEED the government to tell us that we should help the less fortunate, as good Christians and good people we know this and live it."

I can't believe I had to explain this to her!  I really thought she would learn by our actions but apparently you can't assume anything!  We are a pretty charitable family, and we give to several different charities.  We've made food for food banks, obviously we've bought groceries and hand delivered them to homeless, we've rang the bell for the salvation army, and we talk about charity in church a lot too.  I know she's seeing charity, those are all things we've done WITH her!  I'm sure we could do more, but that isn't too shabby.

Why in the world does she believe the government and taxes are the only way to help poor people.  As far as I'm concerned, the government and taxes have more to do with creating poor people than helping them!  How do we right this wrong and quickly, before she writes something they post in the hall ways?!?

In the meantime,
Dear Mrs. M#$%*&l
Please excuse Hadley, she didn't realize we are republicans! 
Hadley's Mom & Dad
(aka conservative, christian, republicans)

In all seriousness though, Hadley is a great little girl with a generous heart and this shows that beautifully.  She's blessed with an amazing first grade teacher and we have repeatedly prayed that next year be this awesome!  I don't think the schools are trying to indoctrinate my child with liberal agenda and I think that if we can continue down this path with her we will be very lucky!

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