Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For Pete's Sake...Make a Comment!

Now that I have this cool ap on my blog called "feedjit" I can see that people are actually reading it, I didn't know before hand if I had any readers or not.  Now that I know people are reading I get a little paranoid about what they may think of me.  My friends who read know me and they know how to take me but since I only get location of readers I don't know who they are.  I often  wonder who, in Port Allen, LA, is reading my blog so regularly...and, where is Kuttawa, KY? 

I put that cool badge that says "show some love, leave a comment" but I think people are missing it!  I'm honored that people are actually clicking on my blog, but the curiosity is killing me!  Who are my readers?  What do you think?  For Pete's sake, make a comment!


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  2. Kuttawa is close to Eddyville. ;) If you don't know where that's in the Lake Barkley/Kentucky Lake region.

    I am a KY geography super genius. Bwahahaha! Take me past the state line...I got nothing.

    I think this blog ROCKS!!!!!!!

  3. YaY!! A new way to torture you!! If I take my lap top and drive around the state will that make you paranoid even more. Ha ha haaaa!!! Lots of Love!!!