Tuesday, August 9, 2011

School is Now in Session!

Ugh!  I am not a fan of school!

I'll start by saying we live in a great school district; it's safe, fun, and high ranking statistically.  We've lived in places where the private schools couldn't hold a candle to what our public schools do.  They put a lot of emphasis on morals, integrity, and honesty, along with academics.  It's not a complete love fest though because this insatiable desire to be the best, at everything, sometimes transforms students from kids to statistics (but I think all schools do that now).  All in all, this is one of the better schools.

Just because it's a good school doesn't mean I LOVE having my baby gone away from me for 7 hours a day.  It's nice that I don't obsessively worry about her safety, and it's great to know that she's going to be well educated, but it's excruciating seeing her leave in the morning and knowing she won't be back for hours! 

I heard someone say today that their child "never flinched at the newness school brings" and what a blessing it is that children are so adaptive, I wish I felt the same way.  I go kicking and screaming into every new experience!

This year is a little scary because there has been a lot of redistricing so Hadley is in a class full of strangers!  Seriously, we went through the list and there were only 3-4 kids we knew!  On top of that, last year was our first experience with full time school so we didn't really know what to expect, this year I know how bad it sucks to have my baby gone.  Last but certainly not least, I heard some less than flattering rumors about Hadley's new teacher.

Side note, I typically choose not to put too much stock into negative opinions because there can be a myriad of different reasons for someone to have a bad year.  I can think of a few of my teachers that there were negative opinions about, but I loved them!  Also, sometimes people just have crappy experiences, maybe it was the teachers fault, maybe it was the students fault, or maybe no one or even everyone is to blame.  I am a firm believer on clean slates!

Clean slates or not, my anxiety has little or nothing to do with the teacher!  God can handle the teacher!  My heart just hurts because I miss my baby so much.  God and I are working through that!

My prayer is that Hadley has a great year!  I pray that this is the year she makes the best friend that she craves so much.  I pray that she gains her footing this year and comes into her own, I pray that she does this before the "mean girl" grade comes about.  I pray that she settles in and realizes what a gift from God she truly is!  I also pray for her teacher to let this be the year she proves the naysayers wrong!  I pray that God makes magic happen in the second grade! 

Y'all pray too! 

To quote the Veggie Tales "God is bigger than the boogie man" so I know he's bigger than anything 2nd grade can throw at us!

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