Monday, August 29, 2011

MTV VMA's 2011

I watched the MTV VMA's last night (yes, I know how old I am!) and to balance it out a little, I'm watching Good Morning America now!  ha!

A few thoughts...

I can't stand Lady Gaga.  I don't like her music, I hate that she weighs in on politics and think it matters because she sings, I think she's a cheap imitation of Madonna, and I think she was an embarrassment on the VMA's.  She was a stage whoring laughing stock!  She preformed as her alter ego Joe Calderon and that's fine, she's an artist, she's known for being a freak so whatever.  What irritated me was her attention begging when presenting Brittney Spears with an achievement award.  Okay, I love Brittney, I admit it.  Brittney has had quite a few rough patches so why couldn't Gaga shut her mouth and let Brittney have her moment?  What a disgusting human, it only drove my distaste to a new level!  I will be very happy if I never hear another song or word from that repulsive woman!

Adele...wowza!  Joy Beth has been telling me for years that I'd love Adele and I never disagreed, I just didn't pursue it.  My kids love her song "Rolling in the Deep" but after watching her perform "Someone Like You" I went on Amazon and bought the CD (again, my age...not an MP3 but a CD!)  My new Adele CD should be here by Wednesday!  Sorry Joy, you were right!

Where the heck is Katy Perry from?  I don't guess I've ever actually heard her speak before and was puzzled by her accent...Hadley LOVES Katy Perry, and I think she's fine, we censor a little but for the most part the kids enjoy her.  She seemed a little trashy on the VMA's though...I would have thought she'd present herself better.

Beyonce's pregnant, who cares. 

I think Chris Brown is a bad guy, but enjoyed watching him fly around the stage.

WHO is Justin Beiber, and WHY?  Really?  Why?

All in all, I love the VMA's.  I love music, I like the ridiculousness of it all, the wacky clothes, the attention seeking behavior, the great performances, just all of it.  I have for years!  Cori and I used to record it (on VHS-google it kids) and watch it every year!  I haven't outgrown it and really don't think I will.  I was SHOCKED to see that The Real World still comes on though!


  1. Enjoyed this one! Have a great day:)

  2. Katy Perry actually began as a Christian like apples? How do you like them apples? For real!

    I just love her like Jesus and hope she sees the the light...since apparently she missed it the first time. ;)

    I didn't watch the VMA's, but do plan to look at the fashion horror stories, sometime today. They call them hits and misses, I call them drafty! Most of the time they look like they are missing at least a yard of fabric. ;)

    I'm with you though, I only want the best for Britney! For some reason, I have hope for her and never want lose it. Call me optimistic!

    Enjoyed all your thoughts!!! Even the ones I disagreed with. LOL!