Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Vaca: Week 1 Review

Monday was Memorial day our whole family went to the pool!  Yay summer!

Tuesday:   Took Lydia to the doctor to get an all clear for her health!  Yay!  Pneumonia is gone!  I took the girls home and Karisa came and babysat so I could go birthday shopping for Lydia and get a pedicure.  I got some awesome gifts and my toes look pretty!

Wednesday:  Weekly breakfast at Einstein Brother's with Hadley & Lydia, trip to the library for  travel books on Indiana, off to an Indianapolis Indians game downtown.  LOVE baseball!  We went to Target to get Hadley a note book to journal her summer activities.

Thursday:  Planted flowers and cleaned up the yard with the girls.  They made an awesome planter together and played in the sandbox, last spring gymnastics class.

Friday:  Cleaned house, shopped at Claire's for new earrings for Hadley then Keith and Hadley played golf.

Saturday:  Babysitter while Keith and I went to Vintage Indiana, RECORD HEAT, pool time with the Wimmer's then pizza at our house while a storm raged outside.

Sunday:  Church, dinner after church, Kung Fu Panda @ ACM  Theater then an early bedtime so we can do it all over again this week!

All in all, this week has been an amazing one and I hope summer continues to be this great!  I'd say I've worn them out though!  Aren't they sweet!

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