Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Christian Rock is Not My Jam

I'm not going to say that christian rock is sinful or offensive or any other judgemental stuff about it but it's definitely not for me.  I think that any way you get people to focus on God is a good thing and obviously different people need different avenues.  Listening to christian rock probably won't save your soul but it could definitely put you on the right path.

Last night I went to a concert of a very popular christian band, like internationally popular, and after about thirty minutes in I was ready to go.  I stood for nearly the entire three hour concert listening to music that wasn't terrible but it's just not my thing.  I saw people swaying to music, praising God, wistfully singing along, and praying but all I could think was, why does the music have to be so loud?  and, why can't we just sit down and listen?  does it really sound better standing?

Honestly, I have to admit to being moved a time or two by the reaction of the crowd.  It's quite touching to see that many people united to praise God, several religious backgrounds and cultures joining together for a common love of God.  That is some amazing stuff to think about and even more amazing to see!

Unfortunately, when you go see a christian rock concert, there are tons of teeny boppers around!  I'm too old and crabby to have any interest in standing for a three hour concert or jumping up and down in rhythm to every other song. I admire these young kids who so eagerly lay it out there!  I wish I'd had their charisma for Christ at such an early age and I pray my kids are so free with their love of God when they're teenagers.

I've gotten a little spoiled to smaller venues and more intimate shows, it's been a long time since I've gone to an arena rock concert and an even longer time since I've had floor seats!  We can probably agree this will be the last time I get floor seats.  At one point I sent a text to Danielle that said "know what seats I hate worse than nose bleed....floor seats...guess where I'm sitting!"  One of my pet peeves are when the band constantly asks the audience to sing.  They did this a lot.  If I want to hear myself sing I can do that in my car, I paid to hear the band!

I was glad I stayed because the lead singer (I suppose) made several comments and testimonies  that were very moving, they also had a couple more songs that I fell in love with!  One of the songs, literally, rocked me to the core.  The band was Hillsong United and the song was Aftermath.  Regardless of what I think of christian rock, this song was great!

All in all, it may not be my style but I respect the musicians and their talent.  They were very talented, beautiful voices, and awesome musicians.  Their lyrics were moving and amazing.  It was entirely too loud for me, and the standing for three hours was ridiculous, but I'm all for people worshipping God.  Christian rock is not my speed, but I'm sure it's someone's.  Who knows the way God may have worked in that arena last night and that's what matters.  It doesn't matter that the music didn't woo me, the crowd did.  It doesn't matter that the songs weren't my style, the lyrics were.  Realistically, it doesn't even matter that I was there.  God moved changed lives last night, maybe even mine and time will tell, but what matters is that we were there because it was God's plan.

This is the song that I was psyched to hear, but they didn't sing it last night.  From what I can tell (my opinion only) is that they started off a little more poppy and now they're gearing towards more rock.  So, last night was a rock concert and I guess I like Christian pop...who knew!

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