Monday, May 30, 2011

Nothing Screams White Trash Like...


We had planned a camping trip with friends for Memorial Day weekend and even though I'm not a camper, I don't like when plans change.  I'm not much of a planner so when plans are made, I like to stick with them.  (My obsessive compulsive nature is probably why I'm not much of a planner!  I can't handle the pressure!)  Anyway, our trip got cancelled because Lydia has had pneumonia and ear infections.  The pediatrician advised us against taking her out in the elements for that long, and she is on these never ending breathing treatments, two antibiotics, nose spray, and allergy it really would have been a lot of hassle.

With that said, I woke up a little grumpy on Saturday morning.  Hadley and Lydia and another little girl in the neighborhood were running wild, bouncing from house to house, and driving me nuts.  We were waiting on my parents to arrive and even though they said they were leaving "really early" it was 1'o'clock and they weren't here yet.  My mood was a little tense!

I honestly can't remember how it started, but somehow Keith and I were arguing in the back yard, I also don't have any idea what we were arguing over.  At one point, I was getting pretty mad and Keith said "just go in the house." 

That's when it happened "DON'T YOU EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!"  I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Stop yelling at me," he replies back.


Then, I said "do you even KNOW where our KIDS are?!?"

He tells me they are in the front yard so I stomp around to the front yard to find them and they aren't there.  I come in the house and look around a little and don't see them, so I go out front and yell(scream?) "HADLEY!" and I get nothing except a bunch of looks from neighbors because I'm pretty sure I sounded like a crazy lady.  I come back in the house, still yelling and find the three of them, upstairs playing.  I explain to Hadley how important it is for her to let me know where she is, all the time and go outside to tell Keith he was wrong.  (I know, I know)

I step outside and as soon as I peer around the corner, I see the little girl's dad who timidly asks "Is Maddy here?"  I tell him she's upstairs and I'll send her home in a little while and he quietly walks home.

Then it hits me...awesome!  This man came to collect his daughter from the white trash neighbors who were fighting in the yard!  Yes, we are those people!  (well, I am anyway!)  Definitely not one of my finer moments!

A couple of hours later, my parents finally get here and Hadlely is dying to get on my dad's Harley trike.  She grabs a bandana and wraps it around her head and climbs on with a huge grin.  Did I mention she's missing a couple of teeth?  Apparantly, that white trash gene is strong!  ha!

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