Monday, July 11, 2011

Tooth Fairy Mix Up!

Last night the tooth fairy missed our house!  Can you believe it?  Seriously, an eager little girl, excitedly anticipating a dollar from the tooth fairy and that hussy is a no show!  What  kind of fairy does the tooth fairy think she is? 

Naturally, Hadley woke up at 6:30 and came running downstairs with the shocking news!  I pretended to sleep through it while she told Keith.  He settled her down then looked at me and face palm!  Epic fail!

Keith and I did some quick recon and explained to Hadley that she lost her tooth very late in the evening, and very unexpectedly.  That coupled with the fact that it's summer and kids are probably getting teeth knocked out left and right, and the tooth fairy is just backlogged!  We both feel pretty confident that she'll make an apperance tonight and she'll probably put a lil something extra under the pillow!

We'll be collecting our parents of the year awards sometime in the near future!


  1. We are certainly related, by more than our untamable hair. Ha ha!

    Same thing happened to us a couple of years ago. However, it was winter, but we too blamed the "elements" for the Tooth Fairy mishap.

    I wonder if these Tooth Fairies are Democrats...and are in a union...if yes, I bet neither of us have heard the end of this saga. ;)

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. The same thing has happened at our house, and we figured out that the toothfairy is very busy, and can at times be careless with the placement of the money. After a thorough search of Sophia's bed, we "found" it tangled up in her sheets(: