Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love Mulitplies, Not Divides

I have been blessed to grow close to an amazing woman while living in Carmel.  I don't remember how the relationship started or even when really, but Hadley had a lot to do with it.  Hadley has an sixth sense for finding good  people and almost over night she fell in love with Ms. Audrey.  She would run to hug her each time she saw her and she would get so excited to see her!  I began to get to know her through Hadley and the more I got to know her the more I could see why Hadley loved her so much.  Hadley was getting very wrapped up in Ms. Audrey but I couldn't help but be a little cautious. 

You see, Ms. Audry has a big family full of wonderful people.  She has daughters, a son, granddaughters, and several great grand children who live nearby and they are all very involved in each other's lives. I just couldn't see where Hadley would fit in.  I thought Ms. Audrey couldn't possibly have enough room in her heart for one more child and I didn't want Hadley to get hurt when this reality hit.

I tried to pull away, slowly and without anyone noticing, but the bond between Hadley and Ms. Audrey was too much to compete with.  For six months I would watch them together and Ms. Audrey really became a part of our family but I couldn't get that nagging paranoia out of my mind.  We all grew closer and there is an unmistakable bond between Ms. Audrey and my family.   

The more time we've spent together the more she's shown me that love multiplies, not divides.  I watched in awe as Ms. Audrey allowed us in her heart, right beside her family.  She has a heart that I haven't seen since my grandma and I am so honored to have her in my life.  Just watching her unconditional love, that she freely gives, inspires me to be a better person and reminds me how wonderful love, without strings, is.  What a blessing this reminder has been!  My grandma always had a knack for making everyone around her feel loved and Ms. Audrey has that same gift.  I am so happy that God brought this amazing woman into our lives!

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  1. Oh I want a Ms. Audrey! :) Tell her there is a needy family in Kentucky that welcomes more love in their lives.

    Beautiful post Lisa! Thank you for sharing her with the rest of us, if even only through your blog.