Friday, June 5, 2015

Flavors of Nashvillians

Since moving near Nashville I've noticed there are different flavors of Nashvillians, and fans of Music City. 

There are the die hard fans who will gherm onto anyone with an instrument. "I'm your biggest fan!"  "Can I get your autograph?" 

There are the "I breath music" people who take it very seriously. Music speaks to them and songwriters speak to their souls. A lot of these people also gherm onto musicians, but they do it with a much cooler approach. 

The "I'm too cool to know who anyone is" group also exists here. I never know if these people are legit or just playing cool. It seems a little extreme to do you live in Music City and not know who anyone is? 

There's also the group who actually are part of the music industry and know/work with some of the biggest names around but you'd NEVER know it!  You may see these people at the grocery store, at the mall, anywhere, and you'll never know it...Until their momma's brag on them at Macy's, which happened to me and was super sweet to see! THAT melted my heart, his mom was beaming with pride and he was humble and kind about it!

There's another group of people who legitimately have no idea who anyone is and they've never heard of them or their music. They don't even realize their cars have radios and music city is wasted on them!  These people perplex me too, and I actually know some of these people.

Then there's people like me, who embody a few of each of those personalities but I'm way too lazy to go all in on any of them. I love music!  There are songs that really speak to my heart!  I love going to the local clubs and hearing undiscovered talent. I think it's super cool to run into or sit a table away from someone I listen to on the radio but I'm not excited enough about it to snap a picture. Plus, that seems like bad Music City etiquette!  This is "their" home too, let them be normal.  

Since living here I have also come to realize blue out of touch I am with music, I really don't know who half the people are. Then there are times when I do actually recognize someone but it doesn't when a certain country music star was invading my personal space, at the grocery, and I told him to back up. I was startled to see who it was, but he still needed to back off and I kindly asked him to. I didn't get a picture, autograph, or merch, but I got my ritz crackers and a few extra inches of breathing room!

I'm sure there's some sort of evolution of a Nashvillian but I haven't been here long enough to see it take place. I do hope that I don't become even more out of touch!