Sunday, May 15, 2016

That Mouth...My Mouth

That mouth, my mouth, got away from me again. This afternoon Kip fell off of one of the horses and got hurt. After calming him as much as possible, loving on him, and getting my freak out under control, I called the pediatrician on call...because we can never have drama on a weekday and all calls must be made after hours. 

The poor on call pediatrician, who clearly didn't know he had crazy on the phone, said to me "please explain to me how a three year old fall off of a horse..."  

BOOM!  I may have said, in a loud volume, "I realize you're questioning my parenting choices right now and I respect that you want to protect my child but we need to deal with that AFTER you tell me whether or not I need to get him to the ER!"  

Ugh, he was only trying to ask how Kip's body hit the ground so he could better evaluate his condtion. We worked through it, he explained himself, and naturally, I apologized. The on call Doctor also apologized and admitted that his words may have come off as judgey when in reality, we both were concerned for the same reason. He was right, I explained that I tend to run on hot and when I'm worried about one of my babies, my good judgement is gone!  He said he'd keep that in mind if we ever talk again...

Ultimately, Kip will be okay. His face is swollen, he's sore, I'm traumatized, and he may never ride a horse again. Thank God for helmets though, and for pediatricians who forgive and for my ability to apologize!

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