Sunday, April 17, 2016

Thirty Something...

Tonight Keith and I got home from Saint Simon's Island, Georgia after a weekend watching one of our dearest friends marry the love of his life.  I was tucking my girls into bed and we were saying our prayers and I started tearing up, a lot.

Hadley prayed for Jeff and Kelly and their marriage, she prayed for Mark and Tracy and Baby Clayton, she prayed for Jason and Jen.  Then I took my turn to pray and started crying because I am overwhelmed with how blessed we are by these incredible people!

We have the most amazing friends.  Oh my goodness!  God knew what he was doing when he brought this band of people together.  I was thinking about this group of friends and it struck me that we are all strong, opinionated, loud people and maybe even what some people might call jerks but every one of us would do anything for each other!  We love fiercely.

We have been through divorce, marriage, adoption, pregnancy, moves, cancer, new jobs, and everything in between.  We have cried together, we have yelled at each other, we have loved each other, and oh man have we laughed together!  We get each other.  

I've moved away and left my beautiful dysfunctional family of friends but they have never stopped being there for me.  Even as I'm typing this, the tears are flowing.(Yes Jeff, TEARS!)  I never knew I'd have friends like these people and I don't know how I got so lucky.  I miss them so much that sometimes my heart hurts but I know that we will always be together. I sat around with them this weekend and thought, "man, there should be a show about us!" Then I realized there had been...Thirty Something!  Ha Ha!

When Jeff and Kelly started building their relationship, I was so hard on her.  I refused to like her.  I was so protective of Jeff and by then, I'd moved away and wasn't there to witness their budding love.  I was never as kind to Kelly as I should have been but it never changed how she treated me.  Thank goodness she had the patience to tolerate me until I could see her for who she is.  She's pretty awesome!

On my birthday, when I screamed at Jeff and told Kelly to get in the car, no one blinked an eye.  When I went to the March Madness party and relentlessly talked about cancer, everyone rolled with me.  We have stuck together and enjoyed our lives together.  I am in awe of God for bringing me into this group of people.  I love them.  

I'm going to write more about the wedding later, but I just had to get my gratitude out there tonight!

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