Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Don't Know What a Bon Bon Is and My Soap Was Cancelled!

When the superbowl was in Indy we went out with some of Keith's client's to a super bowl party, it was super fun! I'm fortunate to be good friends with one of the client's wives so it makes every outing fun, but last night was a party full of NFL players and scantily clad women hoping to land one of the said NFL players. Even if I'm not a football fan, the people watching was superb! I also got to meet Curtis Painter, who I think is ADORABLE! Bonus!

With that said, I got to meet some interesting people and had some great conversations!

At one point, I was able to spend an extended part of the evening discussing end of life care with the CIO of a local hospital. First, I really liked what he had to say. Second, he was a super nice guy! I grew up in a nursing home and have very strong opinions about how we treat our elderly and about end of life care. It's rare I find someone who's opinion aligns with mine so strongly, but this man's did and I appreciate that.

Anyway, the next morning Keith got a call from one of his coworkers and the comment was made that this particular gentleman was impressed that I could hold my own with some of the "big guys." I feel very certain he meant this as a compliment. That doesn't change the fact that I'm pretty sure his reaction was partially because I'm a stay at home mom.

Yes, I deal with toddlers and snotty noses all day. Yes, there are days when my conversations never rise above the latest Dora episode or the life of a third grader. Yes, there are days I don't get out of my pajamas and I eat peanut butter straight from the jar.  Don't judge me!

Surprisingly enough, there are also days (probably MORE of these) that I spend reading the news, catching up on current events-especially politics, and engulfing myself in knowledge. I owe it to myself and my children to be informed and intelligent. I can't raise empowered daughters if all I do is sit at home watching tv and eating bon bons. .

So, yes, I can hold my own in most conversations and I'll even surprise you in a few. I can tell you a conservative political view in a split second and can begrudgingly admit to knowing the liberal sides to most. I can quote great world leaders and a few poets. I use big words and actually know what they mean. I can talk about the state of the economy, or healthcare, or education. I'll admit to not knowing anything substantial about right to work or unions, global warming, or Obama.

With that said, I need to clear up something...
I don't even know what a bon bon is and they cancelled my soap opera so I do have a life!

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