Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There's Hope For Me, Yet!

My dad and I are very similar, we have a lot in common, he's just got more wisdom and years behind him!

He is loyal to a fault, he will do anything for his friends, anytime.  He's pretty stubborn, and has a short fuse with a big temper but he's quick to forgive and even quicker to apologize.  He sounds awesome, doesn't he?!?  Well, he is a pretty cool dude and I'm lucky to call him dad!

Because Dad and I are so much alike, the other day when I called him to complain about this woman who only calls me when she needs something, I expected him to jump right on board and agree with me how bad she was.

I said "dad, she drives me nuts!  she calls me when she needs something, but she never just calls to say hi!"  I then explained to him how I'd had enough and lost my cool with her.  "Finally, I just told her, 'look, I'm sick of you calling when you need me so why don't we just cut our losses.  I don't want you calling me anymore and I don't want us to be friends anymore,' do you blame me Dad?"

I expected him to be all "get her baby!" but instead he said "maybe that's the only way she knows how to reach out to you."

"Uh, what?"  I stuttered in shock...

"Well, not everyone knows how to be a friend, maybe she's reaching out to you the only way she knows how," he continues.

"Uhhhh...."  I said.

"Just because you know how you think a friendship should work, doesn't mean that everyone does, and it doesn't even mean you're always right.  I love you baby, but maybe she's being a friend the only way she knows how and you need to give her a chance."

"Well, crap, dad!"

"I don't blame you for being mad though,"  He tries to say comfortingly.

All I wanted was him to tell me how much I rocked and he had to get all paternal and wise on me!

I have since apologized to this woman and she was very gracious to forgive me and to continue on with only calling me when she needs something, so basically nothing has changed.  I guess all is right with us, but it still irritates me to no end, I just don't yell at her about it now.

I told you he had more wisdom and years on me, so maybe that's what I have to look forward to!  I can tell you, 20+ years ago he wouldn't have been so smart either, so there's hope for me yet!

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