Thursday, January 12, 2012

Surprise! I'm Only Human...

I wrote a post yesterday called America the Stupid, where I called someone stupid (more than one, really) and admitted to losing my cool on more than one occasion.  I posted a link to it on facebook and quite a conversation ensued. 
Elinore and I rarely agree on much, but we have a mutual respect for each other and we have a mutual interest in each other's lives.  Since she posted the comment on facebook I feel pretty confident that I'm not crossing any lines by re-posting the convo here.
Before I post the convorsation, I'll say it definitely brought some things to light that I've known and assumed others knew, but never really shared. 
I'm blatantly honest, even when it isn't necessarily flattering.  This blog is about my real life, so I'm real about it.  I could leave out the parts where I lose my cool and say mean things, or I could change things around when I do something stupid to make me smarter, but it's just not reality.  Real life is messy and I'm a real person living a real life. 
One of my largest character flaws, and something I'm continually working on, is patience.  My patience is always thin, I'm not one who has a high level of tolerance for things I deem stupid or incompetent.  I'm the one who gets things done, if you need a diplomat I'm not your girl.  I know this about myself and believe it or not I'm really working on it and have actually improved.  I tend to speak first and think later.  I was describing my friend Matt to someone the other day and I said "he's just like me, without the filter" and the friend I was telling said "oh crap!  LESS of a filter than yours?  I guess you have a filter, it just has a lot of holes."  That's about right too, and I often find myself thinking, I really wish I hadn't said that!  But, I'm working on it!
So yes, I'm the one who called the girl at the drive through stupid, I'm the one who got a speeding ticket because I yelled at a police officer, and I'm the one who made some extremely unkind remarks in the pharmacy speaker while waiting for a prescription (by the way, they leave that speaker on ALL THE TIME!  Just a little nugget of wisdom I learned the hard way for you!)
However, I'm the same one who called the guy at the a/c company to apologize after ripping him a new one, and I'm the person who went into the pharmacy to apologize, face to face, after realizing he heard me through the speaker, and I'm also the one who prays for forgivness and prays that I do better each day than I've done this day. 
(see, humility I do okay with!  If you have a mouth like mine, you have to be humble and willing to apologize...a lot!)
I really am working on myself and God is working on me, I'll always be a work in progress but I hope each day I do just a little better than the day before.  As long as I write this blog, I'll be honest about myself.  The good, the bad, and the ugly will be shared because that's life, and life is what I like to share.
Below is the thought provoking convo that inspired this post.  Thanks to Elinore for calling me on my stuff and putting up with it all these years, while still being kind and respectful!
Elinore- The movie, 'Idiocracy', comes to mind.

I respect your thoughts and that you're so open in sharing them.

I do have to point out the hypocrisy, that I see; you are complaining of a dumbed down society and then you are going to McDonald's for your sick family because it is easier?

I just find it odd to complain that our society has dumbed itself down by making things "easier" and you are running back and forth to the crappiest fast food joint known to man, because it's easier for you.

Not only are you doing that but, you're calling innocent bystanders (because generations before them have failed them) stupid. That's just being mean.

I understand your point though and I agree. We are definitely lacking in the critical thinking department and problem solving. I'd hate to see what would happen if we were forced to survive like our ancestors.
Lisa (me)--Hey, we'd been out picking up Hadley's homework and McD's what right there and the kids begged because they, literally, NEVER get it. I said what the heck and pulled in! I hardly think eating at a fast food joint once in a great while makes me a hypocrite. Nor do I think I'm being mean by calling stupid, stupid. Generations before me aren't solely responsible for my behavior. I have wasteful parents who think nothing of doing things like burning tires (true story) but I KNOW better! Not because they taught me, but because I chose to learn from elsewhere.


  • Elinore--I don't believe you are a hypocrite for eating at McDonald's once in a while.

    What I found to be hypocritical was complaining about the make-things-easier/dumbed down society we have created and then taking part in said society. Maybe it's just the examples that were used that lead me to view it that way. Or maybe I'm also getting grouchy with age. Either way, it's just my point of view, not really that important. I just like to discuss things so that I can maybe get clarity on a subject.

    Just because a girl is placed infront of a do-it-all register and probably hasn't been challenged to think outside of that, doesn't make her stupid. Ignorant, yes. Perhaps, you calling her stupid made her question what she was doing and you've done the girl a great service. But, maybe she's been called stupid her whole life and it just hurt her self-esteem a bit more. That's why I think it's mean. You don't know her.

    I like that you are outspoken and assertive. I respect the way you think about things all the time and put yourself out there. I appreciate having access to your thoughts because we don't see eye to eye, quite often, and it challenges me ;-)

  • Lisa (me)--I think what makes someone stupid is not trying to do better or learn more. You and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things but I still respect your opinion and I know you respect mine (even when we think each other is crazy!) Had the girl asked me to explain what I meant rather than arguing with me and treating me like the stupid one, I would have patiently explained, but she chose to be stupid! I admitted (even in the blog) that it wasn't my finest moment but stupidity seems to be an epidemic people will never know if they refuse to learn. I really try not to lose my cool, but it happens more often than I'd like and this was just an instance. I could edit it out of my blog to make me sound better but I'm human and my blog is about my real life so I roll with it. Ignorance with obstinance is stupidity!
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