Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hair Cut With a Side of AWESOME!

Hadley has sort of taken a hit to her confidence this year.  Between a teacher who cares less about nurturing children than checking email(totally the wrong profession for her!), miserable little mean girls (yes, this young!), and a new asthma diagnosis to struggle with, it's been a difficult year to say the least.

As mom, I want to swoop in and fix it!  I want to smack her teacher, smack the bratty little girl, and take her asthma away, but I can't.  All I can do is try to give her the tools to handle things on her own and offer her support when things get tricky.  It's really really hard! 

One thing I've tried to do at home to combat the negative school environment is to make sure she knows she's appreciated.  We tell her as often as possible how much we love her, how smart she is, how proud we are to have her as our daughter, what a blessing she is, and how beautiful she is.

In the mornings when I'm brushing her hair I pause and tell her to look at herself in the mirror and I show her what I see.  I show her the stunning blue eyes that are looking at us with such a deep kindness.  I make sure she sees the beautiful smile that warms hearts and makes my life better.  I want her to see how beautiful she is, not only on the outside but the inside too. 

We try to make sure she has hobbies that she's not only good at but enjoys.  We try to let her spend as much time as possible with her best friend.  We are really trying to keep a balance in her life right now by adding as  much positive as we can.  The shool has her for seven waking hours and we have her for about five so we have to make our time count!

Everyone who knows me has heard me rave about how much I love Dolce Salon and Spa but today really drove it home because they are more than a salon!

I took Lydia for her first hair cut and Hadley needed a trim to so she got in line for hers.  Lydia went first, which was hilarious!  Amber (my stylist) cut just the right amount off of Lydia's hair, just enough to help combat tangles but not enough to really tell.

I told Amber what my "no no's" were for Hadley's hair.  NO bangs, not too short, nothing too crazy.  I told them other than that they could do what they wanted and I went to sit down and let Hadley take control.  I gave them what seemed like enough time to get almost done.  I walked over to check on them and where I left a little girl sat a young lady.  Hadley looked so beautiful and so grown up.  I looked at her and told her how pretty she looked and with bright eyes and a huge grin she said "I know mommy!" and then she brought tears to my eyes "I don't usually think I'm pretty but I really am now."

I could see in how she carried herself and how she was looking in the mirror that she actually believed she's a beautiful girl!  Who knew that something as simple as a hair cut could make such a difference in an eight year old girl's life.  And who knew that the stylist I love because she does such a great job on my hair and is a fun, nice person could do what I've been trying to do for months! 

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  1. Oh Lisa, I just cried when I read this.

    If Hadley ever needs some confidence boosting, send her to KY! ;) I compliment Brynn so much I embarrass her.

    That girl is so beautiful, inside and out, it would be even easier to make over such a humble and kind young lady.

    Hadley and Lydia are blessed to have parents that are aware of the negative impact the world can have, and combat it with love, Jesus style. ;)