Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Dolce Post

I got a call this morning from Coleen, who owns Dolce, to let me know that my hairstylist is leaving.  UGH!!!  I love that she called to let me know so I wouldn't be blindsided next time I call but I can't help but ask why do these stylist keep switching salons?  I really liked this one!  I love what she did to my hair, she's super personable, and she made Hadley feel like a rockstar!  I'm really bummed that she's leaving!

I learned a long time ago that you can't follow a hairstylist around because you'll end up going all over town and they will just keep moving and moving.  So, what I learned to do was find a salon that I like the management at, that sales the products I like, and that has a standard that I agree with.  That way, as the revolving door of stylists comes and goes I can be sure that they'll hire a certain caliber of person.  That is why I'm so loyal to Dolce. 

I like Coleen, I believe that she's probably a good person to work for, and I think that Dolce appears to run pretty cohesively.  That doesn't change the fact that I wish I could find a stylist who would stay in one place!  Seriously ladies!  There will always be a new opportunity, and the grass will always be greener, and I'll admit I've never worked for Coleen or at a salon but if you find something good why not stick with it and make it work!  This doesn't just happen at Dolce, if it did I'd be suspicious but it's happened at every salon I've ever gone too in every state I've lived in!  With the one exception of the salon I went to in WV that had their stylist sign an iron clad contract, thus making them all stomp around in misery!  (or maybe that was because they lived in WV...it definitely made me surly!)

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