Wednesday, January 11, 2012

America the Stupid

My aunt used to say that Microsoft was responsible for the dumbing down of America and I always laughed and shrugged to humor her because my generation isn't dumb and I know it!   I was right, to an extent, my generation isn't as dumb as the one right behind me and I can only imagine how stupid the one after that and then my children's generation will be, but I do imagine that my generation is dumber than hers!

A few examples...

Cashiers are no longer capable of counting out change and Lord help them if their computer goes down because they can't fathom that anyone else can do that math either.  I got my total the other day at a drive through it was $4.26 so I gave the young girl at the window a $5.00 then I saw a penny so I handed it over and the cashier replied "you gave me enough" and hands it back. 

I said to her "I know I gave you enough, I'm giving you the penny so I won't get a handful of change." 

When she looks at me, exasperated and says "well I can't change it, I've already put it in the computer." 

I couldn't help myself, laughing I said, "seriously or are you kidding that you can't do the math on that?" 

She didn't even realize I was laughing at her when she said "well my computer told me how much change to give you and I can't change that." 

**deep breath, Lisa, don't slap her**

"You would take my penny and add it to the twenty four cents you have, two dimes and four pennies, and then you'd give me a quarter." 

"Well I can't do that, it will mess my drawer up." 

I resisted the urge to scream YOU IDIOT!  YOU'RE THE ONLY THING THAT WILL MESS YOUR DRAWER UP BECAUSE YOU'RE STUPID!!!  and instead said, "just forget it, clearly you're stupid" and she tossed my food out the window at me and I went on my way.

Then, last weekend my family went to Scotty's Lakehouse (which by the way, has NO lake view whatsoever but does have great food and service).  I ordered a turkey club off of their lunch menu and the waitress said "Oh, lunch ended at 3, I'm sorry."  First I said, "what time is it?" because I knew it was right around that time and the waitress replies "3:02"   I then said "okay, well it doesn't have to be a lunch special or anything but I'd like the turkey club please."

"Well, I can't do it, the computer won't let me...well, let me check..." and she walks away.  She returns and says, "no, the button won't work so I can't do it, what else would you like?"

First, I have to say it struck me that this seemed perfectly normal and acceptable to her, then it irritated me.  "So, are you telling me that you have all of the ingredients to make it, and a chef that knows how to do it, and a customer who's willing to pay for it but you CAN'T do it, is that what you're telling me?"

Harsh, I know but patience has never been my strong suit, then she said "Yes, the computer just won't let me, I'm really sorry." 

OH. NO. SHE. DI-INT!  So I gave her the know the one, it says fix it or die!  And flustered, she agreed to take my order.

I will say, the food was delicious!!!  And, there was SO MUCH of it!  Not to mention, service was great, and even though I'd been less than friendly to this waitress she took care of us like we were her best friends and truly didn't seem to hold a grudge, which really says more about her than me!

Now, the tip of the iceberg was Sunday when we went to Noodles and Company with some friends and Amber dared order a family bowl when the cashier said "oh, we only do that to go."  Amber, sensibly said "then make it to go..." which totally irritated the cashier and seemingly ruined her day!  She practically threw the food to everyone at the table and Amber's husband, Jeff, even said "wow, Lisa, she really hates you! hahaha!"  I said, "Amber started it!" in my most grown up voice.

All of this has me thinking, is our nation really that stupid, or maybe just this area?  It seems that an entire generation has missed out on problem solving skills.  Either that, or these restaurants regulate their employees so tightly that they are afraid to attempt to solve problems.  I'm not sure, but either way it needs to change.  Customer service is suffering and it makes these places look stupid for hiring stupid people!  Come on guys, you can do better!

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  1. You left out that kids can't tell time unless it's digital, or brush their teeth without batteries, or spell anything (even WITH spellcheck!) They have no idea how to balance a checkbook or figure out how much interest they're paying...they take the electronic word for everything! God help us if there is ever a "pulse" that destroys our electronic systems!