Tuesday, November 15, 2011

They Didn't Tell Me About This...

When I was pregnant people warned me about everything under the sun.  I was warned about sleepless nights, how fast time flies, and every possible thing that could go wrong during delivery.  I believed everything I heard even though I didn't really understand. 

When people told me time would fly, I had no concept of what that meant.  I didn't realize that they meant that I would wake up one morning and have an eight year old where my newborn had JUST been! 

One thing people didn't tell me about was how much every single thing that hurt my child, even a little, would rip my heart out.  It never fails that each time either of my daughters get sick, I worry, fret and get a little blue. 

My aunt said "when they're little they step on your toes, when they grow up they step on your heart."  Great!  That must mean it gets better...

Hadley has been sick for well over a month now and it's really weighing on all of us.  First of all, I will admit-it's sinusitis, nothing truly tragic, but...it seems like the sinus infection that will NOT go away!  She's been on an antibiotic for twenty eight days straight and the stupid thing lives on!  She's on augminten now for another fourteen days and it's kicking her hiney!  She's only taken three doses and every time she cries for at least an hour with a tummy ache.

After our mess with tardiness last year, I hate for her to miss a ton of school.  I really don't want the hassle and irritation again but I can't seem to keep her healthy enough for school!  She missed almost two weeks of school with the pneumonia fiasco and there have been a couple of miscellaneous days because of these never ending sinus infections and now with the meds, she's sick and exhausted! 

I'm seriously considering homeschooling this year just to get her healthy!  UGH!

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