Thursday, November 10, 2011

All is Right in the World of Dolce

I had a little hissy fit over Dolce's groupon and I had refused to go back, it lasted a couple of months and then my roots started getting a little offensive and my resolve weakened.  Not to mention, I genuinely like the people at Dolce and the owner and I have a mutual friend, who is one of my best friends in Carmel so my boycott was somewhat awkward.  That on top of the fact that I love Dolce and I gave in. 

Even through my hissy fit, I kept pretty good tabs on Dolce's facebook page (and if you read the blog, I also still recommended them!) and, I saw this great deal.  25% off of services...only I'd missed the day!  UGH!  Seriously, again!  I couldn't resist posting my frustration, and almost immediately another offer popped up and I jumped on it!  I'm so glad I did too.

I got this great deal on my hair, and I got one of the best haircuts I've ever had!  My stylist, Amber, also helped get back to my natural color and I love it.  A true sign of a good haircut is washing, brushing, going to bed with wet hair then waking up and being able to get it decent within minutes.  SCORE!  I can actually fix my hair and make it look really good or I can the sleep on it thing and make it look decent.  Versatile hair makes me happy!

Today I went back to Dolce, again, and had a shellac manicure.  I LOVE it too!  Yep, I've never had a shellac that I really like but today rocked!  So, all is forgiven (yay!  I'm so glad, I hate grudges!) and now I'm debating on crown lashes...

And just an FYI, if anyone near Carmel is looking for an amazing salon & spa, Dolce is the place to go!  Tell them I sent you!  You'll thank me!

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  1. You're HYSTERICAL! I love it and wish I was there to feast my eyes on the shellac. Yeah, I said it! ;)

    I'm too poor to live in Carmel, but if I weren't, I would end up poor because you and I would hit all the shops, salons and eateries...we may not make it home because of all the road construction...but doggone it Paul, Keith, Beau, Brynn, Hadley, Lydia, You and I would look amazing! ;)